10 Beauty Electronics Flying Off the Shelves This Black Friday

by Caroline Harris

10 Beauty Electronics Flying Off the Shelves This Black Friday
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Black Friday is here, so grab your wallets, and shop all the sales. We rounded up the best beauty gadgets and gizmos to add to your carts. These products will make your beauty life easier and your skin more flawless. Talk about a holiday treat!


These beauty electronics are so popular this holiday season, they won’t stay on the shelves for long. Whether you’re looking for whiter teeth, smoother skin or flawless curls, we’ve gathered the most sought-after products to elevate your beauty game.


These electronics are versatile, catering to all hair and skin types. From fine to curly hair, and from dry to oily skin, there’s a product for everyone. Even if you’re not looking to expand your beauty collection, these luxe products will make perfect presents this holiday season.


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DRYBAR Baby Buttercup Blow Dryer


Get a perfect Drybar blowout without stepping foot in a salon. This blow dryer is mini but mighty, featuring a powerful motor, two temperature settings and a cool shot button. It boasts ionic technology for increased shine, reduced frizz and a speedy dry time. Slide your new favorite blow dryer into a "I'm Full of Hot Air!" travel bag for on-the-go beauty.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is hands down and bar none the very best blow dryer I’ve ever used. It’s quiet, lightweight and dries my hair super quickly. Not to mention, it’s easy to transport with a super cute carrying case. I would recommend this dryer — Buy this!

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Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


Dyson Supersonic was the most awarded hair dryer of 2017 and for good reason. This beauty classic isn't going anywhere. The powerful Dyson digital motor combines with air multiplier technology for the fastest drying and precision styling. The dryer helps increase smoothness by 75 percent, delivering fast styling for curly hair.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I am so glad I bought this. This hair dryer truly does what it says it’s going to do. It dries my very thick, frizzy and wavy hair. If I use the right brush along with good styling products, I get the perfect blowout with this hair dryer. I love that it is very quiet, and I don’t feel like I’m 'frying' my hair. I love the many different settings. Once you get used to the feel of the hair dryer, it’s very comfortable and doesn’t cause your arm to hurt from having to hold it.

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Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

T3 SinglePass Styling Flat Iron


The T3 flat iron provides even, optimal heat for straightening hair with just one pass. The frizz-free, shiny finish lasts, ensuring your hair will stay smooth wherever your day takes you. Whether you're rushing to the gym or the office, you can pop this flat iron in your bag for a quick styling session.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This hair straightener heats up quickly and effortlessly and straightens my wavy, frizzy hair. It also fits perfectly into my backpack, gym bag and carry-on. What more could you ask for?

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Best Hair Straightener

T3 Whirl Trio Styling Wand


Explore endless looks with the T3 styling wand. The product has one base and three barrels to create an array of styling options for any occasion. Customize your wand for undone, tousled or loose waves. There are five different heat settings for even more versatility. After a few minutes with this styling wand, you'll be flipping your hair all day to show off those curls!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This product gives you amazing waves/curls that last! Each barrel is interchangeable and it’s almost too easy to get supermodel Victoria’s Secret hair. I’ve had this curling iron for over a year and is still gives the same quality as the day I got it.

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Best Curling Iron

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening


You don't have to forgo coffee and tea to have sparkling white teeth. Instead, opt for AuraGlow Teeth Whitening. The kit includes 2 teeth whitening gel syringes, plus an accelerator light to speed up the whitening process. The mouth tray fits in any mouth, without any need for molding or boiling. Oat milk lattes and pretty pearly whites—you really can have it all!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I won’t lie, I didn’t notice a huge difference after the first use. But my teeth were noticeably whiter after the third use, and have continued to get whiter with every use since then. This is the only whitening product that has worked for me, and I will definitely continue to use it.

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Best Teeth Whitening

Feeke B1 Pro Hair


Feeke applies the same clinically proven technology used in professional beauty salons for hair removal. With this sleek and functional device, you can get a salon experience from the comfort of home. The product has five different energy levels for adapting to your skin's level of sensitivity. Simply press the device against your skin for speedy hair removal results. After eight weeks of use, your skin will become permanently silky smooth as unwanted hair stops growing.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This hair removal device is worth the price tag. It’s very easy to use, and the results are very good for us. My skin got smoother, and the effect lasted for a few days. The user manual was good but still needs some more details. The sensor is perfect and very effective. Overall, in my opinion this hair removal device is worth the money and effective. As the user manual says, its effect is different on different skin types and health conditions.

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Best Hair Remover

Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer


Consolidate your hair drying and styling with this multipurpose product. There are three heat and speed settings for styling flexibility plus 1100 watt power for swift drying. The oval brush design smooths your hair while the round edges create volume. Make your rushed mornings that much easier with this one-step hair dryer and volumizer.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I love this dryer. It makes my hair so soft and amazing, and it dries it so quickly. After I wash my hair, I use Hairgenics Proxena Hair Bonder Bond Repairing Complex (which is an amazing hair product) and let it set. Then I wash it out and dry with the Revlon. My hair looks like I just walked out of the salon and spent $100 every time.

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Most Versatile Hair Styling

Dyson Complete Hair Styling Set


This set is a splurge, but reviewers claim it's worth every penny. The kit contains a pre-styling dryer, two 1.2" airwrap barrels, two 1.6" airwrap barrels, a firm smoothing brush, a soft smoothing brush and a round volumizing brush. Make this beauty investment for all the curling, waving, smoothing and drying you could ever want.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Ouch, the price hurt. But it’s so worth it. Where do I start? I have fine, thinning hair that I’m trying hard to maintain. Just look at my review and purchase history. Dyson gives me volume when I need it and dries my hair gently. I can finally get beach waves without using a curling iron. I have to be careful with the amount of heat and product I put in my hair. The Dyson has not let me or my hair down. I treated myself, and I’m glad I did! Anyway, count how many times you eat out or buy coffee and see how fast that adds up to $500. So I’m eating at home for a couple months.

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Best Splurge

Clarisonic Mia Smart + IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging + Cleansing Skincare Set


Achieve a deep clean with a Clarisonic. The brush boasts a Daily Radiance brush head, which produces pulses for clearer, healthier skin. The set comes with micellar cleanser, anti-aging moisturizer and makeup cleansing balm. We love this kit for its unprecedented cleaning and fun lavender shade!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Using this product made my skin more even. My face cleared up and my pores look smaller.

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Best Facial Cleansing

Panasonic Spa-Quality Steamer


Your skin goes through a lot, collecting dirt, oil and makeup residue every day. This product is perfect for penetrating your pores and significantly increasing your skin's moisture. The Panasonic Facial Steamer lets you enjoy spa-like facials at home with a simple six-minute steam cycle that will leave you glowing. The sleek design complements any vanity, making this steamer pretty and practical all at once.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I really recommend this steamer to anyone who has to do makeup every single day or even who just applies sunscreen. This product is great for cleaning skin. I use it for three minutes with my pores all opened up, and I start to apply my cleansing foam so the bubbles can take away all the dirt and oils. You will be able to see significantly clearer and brighter skin the next day when you wake up. The size is very portable and lightweight. It’s definitely a five-star product.