Beauty Products Right in Your Kitchen

by admin

Beauty Products Right in Your Kitchen

You combine ingredients in your kitchen to create scrumptious dishes, but did you know you can also cook up some great beauty and skincare goodness? With items we all have in our pantries, you can create DIY masks, dry shampoos, scrubs—the possibilities are deliciously endless!


Cooking spray



Set that fresh manicure with a quick spray of cooking spray. This works very similar to quick-dry sprays and creates an oil barrier.



Cocoa powder



Delicious in baked goods and hot chocolate, but it also doubles as a sweet-smelling dry shampoo for brunette babes! You can even use cocoa powder as a contouring powder! Try cutting it with a little cinnamon so the color isn’t too dirty.


Baking soda



Baking soda is one of my favorite mild exfoliants. The particles are too small to be abrasive. Add a teaspoon to your favorite cleanser to pump up the jam!





Did you know that aspirin contains salicylic acid, the same key ingredient in acne-fighting products? With uncoated aspirin, you can make a super-charged blemish-busting mask. I’ve done this for years and it really works. Take 4 to 6 uncoated aspirins and place them in a bowl with approximately 1 tablespoon of water. Once the aspirins soften, crush them and make a paste. Apply a thin layer to your face, wait until dry, and rinse.





Honey is antibacterial, making it great for dabbing on a blemish. Also, try mixing it with your aspirin mask for extra baceria-fighting oomph. Thanks, bees!


Cinnamon oil



Bite Beauty’s Cinnamon Lip Plumping Oil’s key ingredient is food-grade cinnamon oil, so try mixing some cinnamon oil with your favorite lip gloss. If you don’t like cinnamon, try peppermint oil, which is also used in many popular lip plumpers. Use sparingly to avoid irritatation.





Whether white or brown, sugar has a multitude of uses beyond sweetening your tea. Dip your finger in water, followed by sugar, and rub across dry, flaky lips. Follow up with a lip balm, and you have a sugar scrub that rivals any you can buy.


Olive oil



This Italian import can do you a world of good in the beauty department. Apply warm olive oil to your hair for a 10-minute moisturizing treatment. Put a tablespoon in your hand, add a little sugar, and rub hands together for a pre-manicure treatment that will leave your hands softer than you've ever felt. Seriously, you have to try it! You can also apply the mixture to the rest of your body in the shower too. Also, try mixing olive oil with baby shampoo and water for a gentle and effective eye-makeup remover.


Corn starch



Often the key ingredient in many setting powders and mineral veils, corn starch steps in as a great powder alternative. Just dust on lightly to avoid getting too cakey or showing a white cast.