DIY Beauty Treatments

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DIY Beauty Treatments

Sometimes everything you need to take care of your skin can be found in your kitchen! Here, Pretty Pack blogger Elizabeth Dehn shares some of her favorite all-natural beauty treatments.


Clementine Hand Scrub


diy clementine hand scrub


Winter cometh, and with it dry, dull skin. Forget pricey scrubs and put that big crate of clementines to use with this hand scrub recipe from Erika Katz, "Today" Show contributor and author of Bonding over Beauty. The Vitamin C in the clementine brightens and tones while their natural fruit acids help to gently lift dead skin cells. Baking soda acts as a physical exfoliant, buffing away what’s left behind. Powerhouse humectants honey and olive oil provide much-needed moisture and nourishment. Click here for ingredients and directions.


Cucumber Almond Masque


diy cucumber almond mask


Even if you’re religious with sunblock, a heat wave can still take its toll on your skin. When I feel zapped and dehydrated after a day at the lake or pulling seemingly never-ending weeds out of my garden, I’ve been whipping up this super easy DIY masque from spa authority, June Jacobs. only two ingredients that usually happen to be in my fridge, it’s convenient to make and exceptionally nourishing. Click here for ingredients and directions.


Natural Conditioning Mask


diy natural conditioning mask


I don’t know if it’s the change of season or my new-found love affair with flat irons, but lately my hair has been lacking its usual luster. Instead of rushing out to replenish one of my favorite (and pricey) hair masks, I whipped up one recommended to me by Kassie Kuehl, the owner of Kasia Organic Salon in Minneapolis, which specializes in healthy hair care. She swears by this all-natural treatment for its moisturizing, strengthening and shine-enhancing properties. Click here for ingredients and directions.


Anti-Aging Enzyme Peel


diy anti-aging enzyme peel


For the mom who has everything, and wants nothing more than to spend time with you, treat her to a facial. Spa gift cards are lovely, but there’s something incredibly touching and theraputic about receiving a treatment at home from your incredibly thoughtful daughter! This fruit enzyme and lactic acid facial peel from sought-after esthetician Sarah Kurn exfoliates, softens, and tightens skin while lightening sunspots and preventing future environmental damage. Click here for ingredients and directions.


Olive Oil-Sugar Scrub


diy olive oil-sugar scrub


Buff away the remains of winter with this DIY body scrub. I love how simple yet luxurious it is—not much different than the salt scrubs I’ve plunked down a paycheck for at fancy spas, and totally natural to boot. Plus, you can customize it with whatever essential oil you’re in the mood for, or experiment with your own blend. Click here for ingredients and directions.


Detox Bath


diy detox bath


For centuries, water therapy has been used throughout Asia and Europe to detoxify and restore the body. It’s only recently that the United Sates has started adopting these time-honored traditions at spas and resorts, and the very same curative benefits can easily be re-created in the comfort of your own bathtub. Click here for ingredients and directions.