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DIY Lipstick: How to Make Your Own Lip Color

Have you ever loved the color of an eye shadow or blush, and wished there was lip color in the same shade? Well, there can be! Here's how to make your own custom shade for a DIY lipstick everyone will want.

Lipstick and glosses are essentially pure pigment suspended in another substance, which makes this an easy DIY project for any girl who likes to play with makeup. Follow this simple, two-ingredient recipe (and watch the how-to video here) and you'll have custom lip color in a snap.

DIY Lipcolor

You will need:

  • Powder pigment
  • Mascara wand
  • 1 tsp. jelly product like Aquaphor or Vaseline
  • Empty, lidded container

Here's how to do it.

DIY Lipcolor

1. Scrape the mascara wand over the eye shadow (powder pigment) surface onto a piece of paper. Go a little overboard. You will use more pigment than you think.

DIY Lipcolor

2. Place about a teaspoon of the jelly product in a small bowl and funnel the powder in. I prefer Aquaphor. Mix the two ingredients together. You may add more or less pigment, depending on the final look you want.

DIY Lipcolor

3. Scoop your creation into a lidded jar or container. You've just made yourself a customized lip color!

Extra Tips

  • Don't be afraid to mix different colored pigments or even use a little shimmer.
  • You can apply with your finger or a lip brush
  • You don't have to buy new containers. Look for clean, empty eye-cream jars, contact cases or even pill cases.
  • Skip the scraping step if you already have loose pigments.
  • Acquire the disposable mascara wands at a beauty supply store.
  • Try mixing a little bronzer with your base for a summery look.
  • Mixing a loose powder foundation with a peachy pink blush can create the perfect nude gloss.

Here's a video of all the steps so you can follow along and make your own color:



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Ivy Boyd

I have a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, but it's creating works of art on faces that I love most. By day, I am a Senior Education Consultant for Sephora as well as a freelance makeup artist. The rest of the time, I'm creating content for my makeup and beauty blog, Wake Up for Makeup, reading product reviews, watching tutorial videos and reading makeup artist books. I live and breathe this stuff and if you could eat makeup, I'd probably do that too. I also love painting abstracts, running, attending music festivals and acting weird with my husband and our two awesome cats. I'm here to tell you what products are legit, how to better use the ones you have, give you ideas to shake up your routine and guide you through some fun tutorials I know you can dominate.

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