This DIY Lava Lamp Lip Gloss Will Give You That ’60s Groovy Vibe

by Hannah Marsh

This DIY Lava Lamp Lip Gloss Will Give You That ’60s Groovy Vibe

Beauty trends come and go — and this totally rad DIY lava lamp lip gloss is the ’60s throwback you’re going to want to try, STAT.


We all know that trends tend to come and go, and it’s obvious that fashion is loving the ’90s. Well, it looks like, in beauty, the psychedelic ’60s are making waves. And we’re not necessarily talking about winged eyeliner and Twiggy. (Although we still love ’em.)


YouTuber Rachel of Rclbeauty101 shows us how to create this uber-groovy DIY lava lamp lip gloss, and we’re already crushing over it.



Step 1: Dig Out An Old Roll-On Lip Gloss — And Grab The Castor Oil


You remember those roll-on lip glosses from your childhood, right? Grab an old gloss, remove the cap, and fill the container with castor oil until it settles just below the rim. (Don’t have any castor oil on hand? No worries, you can buy it at your local drugstore!)


Step 2: Pick Your Groovy Lava Lamp Color


This step is fun. Find an eyeshadow in your dream lava lamp shade, and scrape a little bit of the pigment into a container. Once you have your desired amount of color, mix in some vegetable glycerin. Using a cotton swab, mix the shadow and vegetable glycerin until the two are totally blended. (And, in case you were wondering — vegetable glycerin is available for purchase at your local drugstore, too!)


Step 3: Time To Make The “Lava Lamp”

Now time to see your rad lamp come to life. Using an eyedropper, drop random amounts of eyeshadow into the gloss container — and watch it take shape in the castor oil. Once you’ve added the desired amount of pigment, put the lid back on. You might think you’re done — but don’t forget the light.


Step 4: Light It Up


Now this step might involve some creativity. Find a lid that fits on the back of the bottle — checking some of your other beauty products for a spare lid would be the easiest first step. Then, using scissors, twist a hole until it is big enough to fit a battery-operated LED light into it. Grab a hot glue gun and attach the cap to the bottom of the lip gloss container — and you have a lava lamp lip gloss!


What color are you going to make your lava lamp lip gloss?