DIY Lollipop Lip Gloss Gives A New Meaning To Candy Crush

by Bethany Lozier

DIY Lollipop Lip Gloss Gives A New Meaning To Candy Crush

Have too many Tootsie Pops or Dum Dums on your hands? Save some of that sweetness for your pucker. No matter your favorite sucker flavor, we know how to take the perfect lollipop shade and keep it on your lips hours after you’ve finished your sweet treat.


DIY Lollipop Lip Gloss Gives A New Meaning To Candy Crush


The sweetest things in life are often sweets. Who doesn’t crave a good, old fashioned lollipop now and then? Though those little balls of sugar may wreak havoc on your teeth in more ways than one, sometimes the afterglow of a delicious sucker is the best part about a lollipop. As if lollies weren’t already your fave sugary snack, now you can repurpose your favorite flavors into the lip gloss of your dreams.


You, can use lollipops to make lip gloss? Yep, you heard right. You already know how to reuse old lipsticks to make cream blush, and the same logic applies when you have a bag of suckers just waiting to become your go-to beauty products.


YouTuber Rachel of Rclbeauty101 shows you how to put your sweet tooth to work to create the best lip color you can so easily DIY.




Pretty sweet, right? Let’s get started.


1. Pick Your Favorite Flavor And Grab A Plastic Bag


You can pick any lolly your heart desires — whether you’re a bubblegum addict or just dying to see how cherry turns out. You’ll need a plastic bag to store your sweet creation, too.


2. Hammer It Out




Grab your favorite hammer or smashing tool and crush your lollipop to candy dust.


3. Mix It Up





Once your colored, crushed candy dust is ready, take a cup, and pour in your sweet sugar powder. Mix in a little water and wait for the mixture to dissolve completely.


4. Combine Lollipop Mixture With Vaseline





Take a good handful of microwave-melted Vaseline, (which is safe to use on your lips, we promise), and pour in your lollipop mixture. Mix the concoction once, and then allow to freeze before mixing further. You may want to add more food coloring at this step to ensure your lip gloss is super pigmented, but don’t feel obligated.


5. Pack It Up





Use any old makeup containers you have lying around to store your new lip gloss. Make sure all the old product is neatly cleaned out to avoid residue or discoloration.


Pop your gloss back into the freezer one final time for about an hour. Et voila! You now have your very own lollipop lip gloss. That didn’t suck, now did it?





Which flavor are you going to try?