Ear Tattoos Are The Coolest Accessories, If You’re Not A Commitment-Phobe

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Ear Tattoos Are The Coolest Accessories, If You’re Not A Commitment-Phobe

Tattoos are not a new trend by any means, but this ear art is the newest take on tattoos that we're falling hard for.

When you're talking about tattoos, we're often talking about design and themes, like some rad Harry Potter-inspired tattoo designs and badass feminist tattoos that caught our eyes earlier this year. We are always swooning over minimalist designs, so the latest trend to gain traction has us obsessed. But it's not about the design, it's about the placement. That's right — it's the ear tattoo. And we love it.

Just imagine: It's like never having to change your earrings again. Or, it's the perfect earring accessory and enchancer.

Committing to new ink can be terrifying. The best way to go about it is by doing it a little bit at a time, and these teeny tiny designs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes that are perfect for a tattoo newbie or even the most seasoned pro. Check out a few of the most innovative designs below, and get ready to set down the earrings to show off one of these new designs in no time.

Fine Lines

These hand-poked lines on @indyvoet are a delicate something special that you'll want to get done right now. The simple design is light enough to make a statement without being too overpowering.

Bold Pattern


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Feeling like diving all in? Go for a more elaborate design like @angela_ward chose to do. It's a standout and bound to take the place of any jewelry you already own.

Dainty Flower


My first ear tatt! Lol matches her hair perfect! #flowertattoo #eartattoo #smalltattoos #tinytattoos #girlswithtattoos

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The in-ear flower trend is one of the more popular designs, and it's absolutely beautiful. Keep it simple like @_katvonb_ by picking your favorite flower and adding a touch of color.

Intricate Florals


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Or, take your floral pick up a notch like @all_best_tattoo and use a design that is a little more elaborate, but still just as pretty.

Carry A Bigger Message



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Tattoos can carry a special meaning, as shown by @lexylatexy's tattoo pick. An ear tattoo is the perfect place to remember that significant date, loved one's signature, and more.

Hear The Music

You'll always have music running through your ears with a dainty little design like @tattoo_leah's.

Or Share The Music

Get creative with your location and message by sharing lyrics that mean the most to you, just like @supergoatboy84 chose to do.

Really, Any Design Is The Perfect Accessory


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Whichever design you pick, no matter how complex or simple it may be, can make an awesome statement. Just ask @louiseclaire_!

What tattoo is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!