Four Skincare Fixes You Probably Have In Your Kitchen

by admin

Four Skincare Fixes You Probably Have In Your Kitchen

If you’ve never pawed through your cupboards or fridge in search of DIY skincare, we’re about to blow your mind. Because your kitchen is a stellar source for all-natural beauty on the cheap. You’re welcome.





Honey is a bee-exploiting skin savior. It’s a natural antiseptic and humectant. Or, in real person language, it moisturizes and helps acne-prone skin.

Here’s How: Dab a bit on blemishes to help them heal faster. Mix up a honey mask – with oatmeal for gentle exfoliation or with cinnamon to skin more radiant. You can even mix a small amount in your conditioner.



Apple Cider Vinegar



Remember that dusty bottle you bought for a salad dressing recipe once and haven’t touched since? Yeah, you’re about to be real glad you've got it. Apple cider vinegar may just be the most valuable bottle in your beauty arsenal.

Here’s How: Mix with water as a toner to help control oil and calm inflamed and rosacea-prone skin. Use a Q-tip to dab it straight onto zits. Mix one part apple cider vinegar and one part water and use as a hair rinse to nix buildup and increase shine. Dump two tablespoons in a glass of water each day to aid digestion and improve overall skin quality.


Plain Yogurt



Here’s another face miracle. The alpha hydroxy acids in plain yogurt smooth dry skin and help prevent premature aging. It also has antibacterial properties to help heal blemishes. Yogurt even reduces discoloration – good news for sun spots or acne scars.

Here’s How: Spread plain yogurt on your face and let dry. When you rinse it off, your skin will be softer, brighter, and oil will be under control. It also soothes minor sunburns, easing the pain and taming the redness.


Olive Oil



In a boldly counterintuitive play, olive oil can be used as a cleanser. Because oil dissolves oil doesn't strip your skin, your face doesn’t need to overcompensate by pumping out yet more oil. Cleanse your face with olive oil and you may just see clearer skin.