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Fragrances to Fit Your Personality

"Effervescent," "sophisticated," "bold," "warm"—the words we use to describe scents are often synonymous with the ones we use to describe people. That's why when looking for a new perfume, we often think outside of what just smells good. Yeah, we're new agey and deep like that, even when it comes to beauty products. These six new fragrances not only smell divine but made us think about what kind of woman would wear each one. If your style is a reflection of your personality in some way, consider one of these fragrances as the final touch. Who do you want to be? 

If You Want to Be...Ladylike: DIANE by Diane von Furstenberg

1 / 6


Live out your Mad Men-inspired fantasies, complete with pencil skirts and sexual tension, with DIANE, a soft, yet decidedly grownup blend of musk, patchouli, frangipani, and myrrh. Feminine, but not fruity or floral, this scent is ideal if you consider yourself sophisticated and a little bit fancy. ($65,

If You Want to Be...Fabulous: Live in Love by Oscar de la Renta

2 / 6


In your dreams where you re-enact the hat-throwing moment from the opening credits of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, or traipse down a Manhattan street á la Carrie Bradshaw, this is the fragrance you’re wearing. Effervescent and lively, Live in Love features top notes of orchid and bergamot, with jasmine, musk, and sandalwood. Oscar de la Renta’s mission is to make every woman feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, and that’s exactly how you’ll feel. ($78, Nordstrom)

If You Want to Be...Complicated: Poetica by Kat Von D

3 / 6


Who knew that under Von D’s grizzled exterior was a soul who loved notes of orchid, rose petal, passion fruit, and tuberose? Poetica is an elegant and dreamy fragrance that’s perfect for lovers of sweet, fruity fragrances as well as lovers of intense florals. It’s the perfect scent to bring out anyone’s softer side. Wear it with leather and tattoos to confound the masses. ($58, Sephora)

If You Want to Be...Brash: Outspoken Intense by Fergie

4 / 6


“It captures the thrill and excitement of being center stage,” says Fergie of her second fragrance collaboration with Avon, which features notes of sweet star fruit, passion flower, amber, and musk. It’s a spunky, exuberant fragrance that guarantees you’ll get noticed. ($30,

If You Want to Be...Mysterious: Freak by Illamasqua

5 / 6


With slightly sinister notes of black davana, belladonna, Queen of the Night blossom, and poison hemlock, this unusual and exotic scent pairs well with a black wig and oversized sunglasses. We love Illamasqua’s funky, irreverent take on “beauty for your alter ego,” and we especially love the tiny metal snail that slithers up the side of the bottle—the perfect boudoir objet d’arte. ($90,

If You Want to Be...Playful: Bombshell in Love by Victoria’s Secret

6 / 6


Whether you want to relish in your youth or recapture that feeling, Victoria’s Secret’s newest fragrance, Bombshell in Love, will get you there. Sweet grapefruit and bright florals are one idea of what constitutes Very Sexy. ($49, Victoria’s Secret)

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