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Sweet Summer Fragrances

Tropical beaches, blissful hiking through the woods, lazy weekends next to the rooftop pool, these are some of the experiences that evoke the best summer memories. But perhaps the real indicator is that sweet smell of summer. Summer fragrances all seem to have the same components, floral notes, vanilla, hints of coconut, everything we need to remind us of that perfect summer day. Some of the newest fragrances have even added a hint of shimmer to create a sense of sweating the day away at the beach. Each season fragrance companies release updated versions of their best sellers and timeless classics and some companies hope to gain new customers by catching them with their latest olfactory delights. Since a trip down the fragrance aisle can be a daunting task, I have picked out seven of the best classic and new summertime scents for you to try. 

1. Flowerbomb La Vie En Rose by Viktor & Rolf: Just as the name states, Flowerbomb is burst of floral expression that may sound overpowering but actually works to create just the right combination. Hints of freesia, rose, tea and amber create a twist on the original and the bottle is one bomb design you would not mind leaving out on the shelf. ($80,

2. Summer Grace by Philosophy: A lighter version of the namesake Grace, Summer Grace is infused with a mixture of fruit essence and blooming floral. A soft fragrance that works well on a warm summer day and into the cool summer night. ($40,

3. Gucci Flora by Gucci Eau Fraiche: Most Gucci fragrances have slightly sexier, woody scents, yet this one is refreshingly soft and perfect for summer. Hints of citrus, floral, and fruit balance together to make this one of my favorite Gucci fragrances. ($83,

4. Marc Jacobs Splash – Curacao: This might just be the ultimate summer fragrance. March Jacobs has released a series of three Splash scents but Curacao evokes the what is quintessentially summer. Apricot, Blood Orange, Pear, and a hint of musk make this a must-have fragrance that will appeal to everyone’s senses. ($68,

5. Kai - One of the best selling summer fragrances, Kai creates the perfect mood for summer with notes of gardenia and exotic white flowers. Every person you pass on the street will think you just came back from an enviable beach vacation and carried a bit of the tropical beach fragrance back with you too. ($76,

6. Pure Vanilla by Lavanila - Nothing says summer like the sweet smell of vanilla. This fragrance is the ultimate vanilla scent and claims to be infused with more oil than a vanilla cookie. Though not to be too overbearing, they have added hints of freesia and patchouli and mixed the fragrance with over 100 active botanicals to enhance the fresh scent of the essential oil. ($58,

7. Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder - What would summer be without a soft fragrance that also leaves skin with a soft, glistening sheen. Just enough shine to have everyone notice your summer glow but leaves them wanting more when they get a hint of this limited edition fragrance that is highlighted with mandarin, coconut oil, and jasmine. ($55

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