‘Glitter Booty’ Will Give You A Whole New Kind Of Beach Glow

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‘Glitter Booty’ Will Give You A Whole New Kind Of Beach Glow

Truly shake off the cold winter months and take your summer adventures to new levels with the latest beach and festival trend: glitter booty!

It's no secret that we're stoked for the upcoming summer months. Not only does it mean beach parties and festival season, but we've officially been given another reason to be stoked for the warmer months: glitter booty.

Inspired by the sandy-butt look that comes from spending too much time being a beach bum (No pun intended), artist and glitter aficionado Mia Kennington created the booty glitter look, and we seriously love it (and we cannot lie).


Grab a friend (one you're obviously quite comfortable with) and have him/her help you apply loose glitter onto hair gel, or just use glitter gel and setting spray to make it stay in place. We also recommend trying unicorn snot!


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Glitter takes everything to a whole new level, and while putting sparkles on our derriere might be surprising, we are so insanely here for it. Festival season and beach season, look out; booty glitter is taking over.