10 Chignon Hairstyles to Try

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10 Chignon Hairstyles to Try

In the world of updos, the chignon is the tried-and-true go-to for practically any occasion. It's a style classic enough to be recognized but versatile enough to be updated. Here are 10 of our favorite chignon hairstyles.


Classic Chignon



Sarah Jessica Parker is the queen of over-the-top glam, and her classically inspired chignon stands as testament to that. Her larger-than-life updo is a trendy take on the classic, sleek chignon hairstyle.


Undone Chignon



Angelina Jolie’s romantic chignon is relaxed but still refined. Rather than pulling the low bun into tight, perfect coils, it’s left a bit undone for an effortless vibe.


Old-Hollywood Chignon



Between the bangs and the subtle bouffant, Penelope Cruz’s hairstyle has the signature of an Audrey Hepburn–inspired chignon. This look, perfect for almost any occasion, is a glamorous style that can stand the test of time.


Edgy Chignon



Carrie Underwood’s voluminous chignon is an edgy update on a classic hairstyle. Super-charged volume at the front of the face adds sexy detail to an otherwise sleek look.


Side Chignon



Moving the chignon’s classic low bun to one side can instantly add more dimension to your entire look. Follow Lauren Conrad’s lead, and let the intricate details of your chic updo be visible from all angles.


Simple Chignon



Emma Stone’s low-key chignon is super-simple, with no loose pieces or major volume. To add a bit of luxury to this laid-back style, wear a small sparkly hair accessory.


Wavy Chignon



Kesha’s loose, wavy chignon is elegant and timeless. This look pairs perfectly with strapless dresses, because the loose tendrils call all the attention to the shoulders and collarbone.


Beachy Chignon



Hayden Panettiere’s beachy, windswept chignon is ultra-feminine and universally flattering. The low bun is all sophistication, but the sexy texture says you’re open to fun.


Curly Chignon



Kerry Washington’s curly chignon can be worn from the office to girl’s night out. This versatile look is the perfect way to achieve glamorous style while maintaining an effortless vibe.


Romantic Chignon



The looped pieces in Jessica Alba’s chignon are classic and elegant, while the loose, face-framing curls add a youthful element. This romantic updo is perfect for nearly any formal occasion.