10 Hottest Hair Trends of 2014

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10 Hottest Hair Trends of 2014

If you’re looking for the perfect new style to spice up your summer, look no further. We talked with the pros to find out what’s hot right now. Some hair trends from previous years are sticking around, and others have been reinvented for the season. Today’s style is all about working with what you have, so embrace your natural hair texture, and notice how much time you’ll save each morning. Read on for the trends you’ll see everywhere the next two seasons—such varied looks as new braids, low ponies, or ombre. (Yes, it’s here to stay.)





This look is a play on the classic topknot, one of our favorite hair trends. Giovanni Vaccaro, creative director for GLAMSQUAD, shows you exactly how to get the look celebs like JLaw and Demi Lovato have rocked on the red carpet: Start by gathering hair into a very high ponytail. Gather the hair and use a second fastener to hold the knot in place. To make the topknot appear messier, don’t pull the pony completely through the tie. The topknot works best for straight to wavy hair that hasn’t been recently washed. Start by using OribeSupershine Light Moisturizing Crème to smooth out the hair and add shine! Once the topknot is in place, finish with hair spray.


Imperfect Braids



Braids will always be chic in summer, but we like them a little rough this year. If your hair already has some texture and wave, diffuse it before braiding. Girls with stick-straight hair can add body by making loose beach waves with an iron and teasing the top before starting. A traditional braid runs down the center of the head. This season, we're pulling those braids off center, experimenting with fishtails, and pulling the braid apart for a deconstructed look like this one from Rachel Zoe Spring 2014. Find our tutorial video here.





Perfect for dirty hair, the turban adds an element of mystery to any outfit and lets you keep that blowout just one day longer. We suggest mixing it with whatever … say, a maxi dress or a slouchy T-shirt and jeans, like our very own blogger Alyssa from Sincerely Truly Scrumptious did. Keep hair twisted on top of the head or in a low braid.


Snake Braid



Slightly undone braided crowns like the ones spotted on celebs Rebecca Minkoff and Nicole Miller are the style to beat, but the snake braid is just as good. Hannah Shaner of Loxa Beauty tells you how: "To create a snake braid, you'll need elastics, bobby pins, and hair spray. Your hair should be straight and not too clean. Using hair from the top of your head, do an inside-out braid from the left side to the right side of your head. Continue braiding back to the left side of your head, using only hair from the middle portion. Finish the braid by zigzagging it to the right, incorporating the rest of your hair. Tie the braid off with an elastic." See the tutorial here.


Beach Waves



This year is all about texture. The place to start is with a beach wave. Edmondo Blando of Salon Vanity in Philadelphia gives instructions (and hints that this works best on second-day hair): Prep damp hair with Kerastase K spray, then blow-dry. If you have a natural wave, work with it. Once hair is dry, take a small section and wrap around a curling wand, leaving out the ends. Curl the pieces away from your face. You don’t have to curl every piece of hair—it’s good to alternate sections. Edmondo recommends using your hands or a Mason Pearson brush and/or a flatiron to really make a soft curl. It’s all about the lived-in look! Starting two inches from the bottom of your hair, use a flat iron and pull the ends stick-straight. The wave should meet a nice clean end. Finally, spray Kerastase A Porter Texturizing spray for the perfect feel. If you’re a hair spray girl, add a couple spritzes to hold the style.





This season, step up your ombre by adding color. Ombre is accessible for any hair color: See the Kardashians going light, Bonnie Wright graduating her red tones, and Whitney Port bringing her light brown to blond.


Fuss-Free Mermaid Waves



Giles Robinson of Color Wow loves mermaid waves for this season. Here are his full instructions—and a demo video to boot! "The mermaid waves are easy to create, on most hair types, with hair that is longer than a short bob. There are a couple of ways I like to do this. The first, you begin at night before you go to sleep. Start with freshly shampooed hair and apply Color Wow Brass Banned Mousse. I love this mousse because it gives hair healthy bounce and makes it incredibly easy to style. The nonalcohol formula will create a nonsticky hold and beautiful reflective shine without weighing your hair down. Rough-dry it and tie it in two big ponytails, sleep in it and in the morning take out the ponytails, and you'll have beautiful, carefree waves. This can also be achieved by heating the plaits until dry using your blow dryer. To finish the look, you can use Color Wow One Minute Transformation styling cream. Simply pull the cream through the mid lengths and ends. This will help to reduce any puffiness and hydrate the ends of the hair." Check out our beauty blogger Reagan's super-easy tutorial here


Low Pony



Giles also loves the low ponytail: "It's such a versatile look that can work for the office to party, giving you an effortlessly chic look with minimum effort," he says. "It's a style that is great for all weather situations, too. You simply gloss over your hair using the Pop & Lock Shellac on dry hair; this will give you a nongreasy shine. Brush or comb your hair to the nape of the neck and fasten it with a hooked elastic. To keep the look clean, wrap your own hair around the fastener and secure it with a bobby pin." Our beauty blogger Ulrika shows you how to get the look, featured on the Moschino runway, here.


’90s Hair Flip



Another Giovanni fave: the '90s hair flip, as seen on Jessica Alba here. This is one of the easiest looks to achieve. After hair is blown out and styled, apply a dry texturizing spray to give hair more piecey-ness and separation. Flip hair over all to one side, and finish by spraying with hair spray. This style works for all hair types, preferably longer than shoulder length. He suggests applying Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray to create texture and airiness, followed by hair spray to set the look. 


Mid-length cut



The days of all women having longer hair are over, says Giovanni. Shorter styles are sexier than ever! From edgy, sleek and straight to beachy, soft and undone, there are so many playful ways of wearing the midlength look. This length has gained recent popularity in Hollywood, seen on Emma Stone and Jennifer Aniston among many others. This haircut looks best on straight to wavy hair with very little layering. For straight styles, Giovanni suggests Shine Serum Gold Lust Oil by Oribe.