10 Short Hairstyles for Black Women to Try

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10 Short Hairstyles for Black Women to Try

Having short hair doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing hairstyle. It just means you need to be a little more creative. And with these 10 tutorials from hair bloggers, you’ll have what you need for anything from a messy pixie to a Lupita Nyong’o–inspired ‘fro. Click on to see our fave short hairstyles for black women.


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Wispy Angled Bob



The best part of this tutorial from blogger McKenzie Renae is that she shows how to go from curly to straight without damaging your hair. Use heat protectant and a series of short, curling motions with the straightener, and you’ll end up with voluminous, light hair.


Faux Tapered TWA



If you want the TWA (teeny-weeny afro) look without chopping off all your hair, try creating a faux-tapered TWA. As vlogger MsDanti1 shows, this hairstyle is easily achieved using foam-wrap lotion and thin rollers. To create the tapered effect, curl the sides tighter than the front and back.


Bruno Mars–Inspired Pompadour



Head blogger at TheHaiRazor, Ayana Abakah transformed her pixie cut from basic to Bruno Mars–inspired in an instant. To get this relaxed rocker look, start curling little sections in opposing directions, moving from back to front. Then pick through it to give it volume.


Messy Pixie



If you’ve got a pixie cut and you’re looking for ways to spice it up, pull out your mini straightener and try this look. Vlogger Vanessa Michele created a tousled look by curling little wispy sections and then finger-combing them to perfection.


Retro Updo



Feeling like a pinup girl? TheChicNatural has an easy retro updo that takes only a few minutes. After sectioning your hair, make two flat, upward twists in the back. Using two fingers, twist and pull the front section into a faux pompadour. Don’t forget to slick down your edges so they’re silky smooth.


Lupita Nyong’o–Inspired Asymmetrical ‘fro



This look requires that you have your hair cut short on the sides and long on top. If you do, you’re in luck. One of the lovely ladies at My Natural Sistas created an asymmetrical afro look that hints at Lupita Nyong’o style. After you create your part, pat your hair into the shape you want, and voila!


Effortless Puff



When you have only a few minutes and a whole lotta crazy hair, this effortless puff hairstyle is the way to go. Vlogger GodCallsMeBeloved found the easiest way to style her natural hair. All you need is oil, gel, and a knee-high stocking—it’s that easy.


Two-Strand Twist Updo



This look is one we really love because it’s like a pre-style. The natural hair vlogger Iknowlee is great at doing double-dose hairstyles that allow you to wear one style while your hair is being styled for another. Do two-strand twists, but instead of taking them out for a twist-out, roll them up for a cute updo that looks fancier than it feels.


Braid-and-Tuck Protective Style



If you have natural hair and you’re looking for a style that’s both cute and protective of your hair, then this is the one. Beauty and hair vlogger CaribBeauty‘s quick and easy braid-and-tuck hairstyle keeps your hair protected from the cold while framing your face.


Faux Bun



Turning a TWA into a bun may seem like a hard hairstyle. But as the beauty vlogger Eleutheran Beauty a.k.a. THE DIVA 242 shows in her quick how-to video, it’s easier than you think. Take hair extensions and roll them under into a bun shape. After slicking back all your hair into a ponytail, pin in the bun. Just make sure the extensions are in your color.