11 Celebrity Topknot Hairstyles to Steal

by Abby Gilman

11 Celebrity Topknot Hairstyles to Steal

Topknots are no longer solely reserved for your morning routine. The hairstyle is a serious style statement, making appearances on runways and red carpets in myriad forms. Take the high road, and be inspired by these celebrity topknot hairstyles.


Braided Topknot



Add texture to your topknot with double braids. Ashlee Simpson’s topknot is unique and super-easy to pull off. Check out our tutorial to get the look. Hint: Start a French braid at the nape of your neck, and braid until you reach where your bun will sit; bring all hair together, and braid as normal.


Messy Topknot



A messy topknot like Julianne Hough’s is easy and quick to create. Remember that morning routine bun? This is the same technique, with a bit more finesse. The key to this “tidily” unmade look is keeping the bun loose and unsymmetrical.


Sleek Topknot



Kim Kardashian’s sleek topknot complements her pretty facial features. This dramatic look is a great updo for the office or a night out. Use light hair gel and a brush to smooth out any bumps, and finish with a spritz of shine spray.


Topknot with Wraparound Braid



Add a fun detail to your topknot with a wraparound braid like Nicole Scherzinger’s. Create the look by pulling your hair into a high pony and braiding a small section of hair; leave the braid out as you wrap the pony into a topknot and secure with an elastic. Wrap the braid around the topknot being sure to cover the base, tuck the ends into the bun, and pin into place. It adds an unexpected point of interest and can quickly dress up the look.


Curly Topknot



Super-curly hair, like AnnaLynne McCord’s, looks great thrown into a simple topknot. The curls give the bun texture and dimension. AnnaLynne kept things simple with a sock bun and a few face-framing pieces left out.


Wind-blown and Wispy Topknot



Hilary Duff nails her topknot by keeping it wispy and wind-blown. It’s effortless, which is the whole point of a topknot, and works for many occasions. Give your hair texture with a spray and a bit of teasing.


Bow Topknot



Get creative with your topknot for special occasions. We’re not saying you should go all hair show and build the most architectural ‘do you can dream up, but a simple bow like the one worn by Maria Menounos is a cute way to change up an everyday bun. Follow this tutorial to get the look.


Classic Topknot



Zendaya’s topknot is classic and polished. You can re-create her sophisticated look by pulling your hair into a high pony atop your head, then wrapping the pony around a bun shaper or sock. Her bangs add dimension and soften the look. Not so keen on cutting bangs? Test out some clip-in fringe for a commitment-free look.


Knotted Topknot



Bella Thorne’s knotted topknot offsets her elegant attire for a fun, flirty look. Check out our tutorial to re-create the updo. Deconstruct the bun by leaving out a few face-framing pieces.


Balled Topknot



We’ve seen some killer topknot looks from Demi Lovato, but we especially love this balled-up bun. The pretty updo shows off her ombré locks. Pull your hair into a high pony, then add texture with a spray and teasing; next wrap your hair around the base of the pony. Leave a few wispy pieces around your face and the nape of your neck.


Exaggerated Topknot



Lauren Conrad always looks like a prim and proper lady, and her choice of topknot is a direct reflection. LC’s bun is fanned out and soft. To create the look, pull hair halfway through a pony so it’s doubled over into a bun, leaving a few inches of your ends out. Fan the bun out so that the ends lay on your head, and pin the bun into place. Split the ends left out of your pony in two, and wrap them around to the front; tuck and pin each side.