12 Glamorous Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

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12 Glamorous Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Months of hard work go into planning the perfect wedding day, and although there are many important decisions to be made, how the bride does her hair and makeup is critical in our opinion. Whether you decide to seek out a professional, do it yourself, or call on your bridesmaids to do the honor—that's what they're there for, right?—these wedding hairstyles for short hair are sure to wow.


Retro Glam Curls



Use a ¾-inch barrel to curl 1-inch sections, and roll each section into a pin curl to cool. Spray with a medium- to-firm-hold hairspray, and let set for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, depending on how well your hair holds curl. Once your hair is set, let out the curls and gently brush through them. Watch the video tutorial to get the finished look.


Faux Updo



Creating an updo with short hair is tricky, but it isn’t impossible. With chin-length hair, Keiko Lynn created this updo that’s fit for a bride. Start by adding texture with dry shampoo and backcombing on the crown; then pin the top section back. Continue to pin hair back, starting with the sides. If your hair isn’t long enough to hide the bobby pins in the back, no worries: A veil or a bridal headband will add a pretty touch and hide a messy back.


Soft Waves



Soft waves are a beautiful, easy, and quick hairstyle that’s perfect for any bride. Use a larger barrel—we recommend a 1¼-inch—to achieve the loose curl. Spray hair with a heat-protectant spray, and then separate into three sections: bottom, middle, and top. Curl all hair away from your face, starting with the bottom section. If you want messier curls, run your fingers through them and spritz with a texturizing spray. Check out this tutorial for more tips and tricks.


Boho Updo with Floral Headband



This boho updo works wonders on short hair, plus it is easily achievable in less than 3 minutes! Start with clean hair, and add an essential oil, such as argan oil, to your ends, and brush through. Part your hair in the center—if that doesn’t work, do a subtle side part—and add volumizing mousse or spray. Next, use a wand to curl the front sections, about 1½ inches wide, to frame your face. Add your headband of choice, and start pinning and tucking, as shown in this tutorial.


Messy Side Updo



This messy yet elegant hairstyle works best on shoulder-length or longer hair, though we’re not discouraging girls with shorter hair to give it a try (just have lots of pins and hairspray on hand). Spray a product, preferably hairspray or texturizing spray, on loosely curled hair before beginning the updo. Kate shows you how to get the look in this easy-to-follow tutorial.


Edgy Waves with Fringe



This unkempt, mussed-up–waves hairstyle offsets the femininity of a wedding dress for an edgy bridal look. If you haven’t quite mastered short-hair curls, give this tutorial a go. Finish the look with texture spray, a deep part, and hairspray.


Textured & Embellished



Shorter hair can be tricky to curl just right, but not all formal hairstyles have to be curly. Adding a bit of texturizing spray to natural hair is an effortless way to achieve a beautiful bridal hairstyle. When hair is still damp, spritz on a sea salt spray and blow-dry using a round brush. Once dry, add texture with loose curls, as Lo Bosworth does in this tutorial, and finish with a pomade or hair wax on the ends to achieve a piecey look.


Waterfall-Braid Updo



This works best for girls with trendy lobs. Waterfall braids are soft and romantic, making this the perfect hairstyle for a bride. Start with wavy curls parted a little to one side. Section off your hair from your ear forward on the heavy side of the part, and clip aside. Pull the hair from the opposite side around, backcomb, and pin into a low messy bun (tip: If your hair is long enough, use a clear elastic to secure it into a low pony first). Next, waterfall-braid the section you left aside until you reach the bun; then finish with a normal braid, and tuck it into the base of the bun. Finish with a shine spray and hairspray.


Rolled Back with Embellishment



Short hair is tricky to pull back completely. Fake an updo with short hair by creating a deep part and rolling the lighter side toward the back. To create the roll, grab all the hair from your ear forward and roll it away from your face; as you roll back, pick up more hair from back sections and roll them together, much like a French braid technique. Pin the roll in the back, and add a headband or barrette to finish the look. Pro tip: Spray hair with hairspray before and after styling to get maximum hold.


Boho Knotted Half-Up ‘Do



Another look perfect for the boho bride, this knotted half-up hairdo takes minutes to create. Use a wand to get piecey curls, tugging at the ends as they cool to give a beachy vibe. Next, take a hairpiece—one with either ribbons or a thin band will work—and hold the front in place. Then have a helper create knots until they reach the back of the head. Once both sides are done, secure with a clear elastic, and pin into place. Finish with a spritz of hairspray for all-day hold.


Messy 4-Braid Updo



Braids are a great way to pull all hair back into a secure updo. Use a pomade and hairspray prior to styling to avoid flyaways. Divide hair into four sections, braid each, and secure with a clear elastic. Pull the back two braids so they overlap at the base of your head, tuck in the ends, and pin into place. Pull the front two sections to the back, and pin above the bottom, again tucking in the ends and pinning into place. Once secured, pull on the braids to give them more texture, and spray with hairspray.


Classic Chignon



A chignon is a classic hairstyle that works for every formal occasion but can be hard to achieve with short hair. This tutorial creates the classic look by creating three sections and twisting each into a mini bun. Pin each bun, and pull apart a bit to add volume. You can make this hairstyle as sleek or messy as you want by adjusting each bun individually. Finish the look with hairspray and embellishments.