14 Halloween Hair Tutorials That Will Make Your Costume Complete

by admin

14 Halloween Hair Tutorials That Will Make Your Costume Complete

Everyone stresses over their annual costume year after year, but how much thought do you really put into your Halloween hairstyle? Don't worry, we scoured the interwebs for the spookiest and most sophisticated 'dos guaranteed to make every costume scary good.

There are people out there who plan for Halloween as intricately as their own wedding day, and some of us find ourselves slapping together a last minute ensemble year after year (because it's stressful, OK?!).

Even though the world's spookiest holiday falls on the same day every year, many of us still struggle to pick the perfect masquerade when October 31 arrives. While picking the right makeup for your costume is essential, how much thought do you put into your All Hallow's Eve hairstyle?

Sometimes, the right 'do can completely sell your getup, no matter what look you're going for. No matter if you're going for the perfectly coiffed Disney Princess or a hair-raising witch hairstyle, we've got the tutorial for you.

1. Harley Quinn's Colorful Coif

You don't have to head to your stylist to get Harley's icy blonde and color-dipped locks. Laura Gilbert suggests grabbing some hair chalk and making sure your hair is wet before you start applying color!

2. Game Of Thrones' Royally Good Hairstyles

No matter who your fave GOT leading lady is, you can easily recreate their jaw-droppingly gorgeous hairdos with some simple braiding and curling techniques with help from YouTuber Kayley Melissa.

3. Belle's Regal Updo From Beauty and the Beast

In order to be perfect-ball-ready Belle for Halloween, you have to nail her iconic locks. Kayley Melissa says to grab some extensions if need be, and use a tiny hair bun to complement the princess' luscious curls.

4. Bride of Frankenstein's Bewitching Beehive

Yes, this is a Halloween costume staple, but if you master this tutorial from Iris J., you'll shock and stun everybody at the party.

5. Magical Unicorn Horn Hair

Instead of finding a plastic cone or horn-like object to stick on your head, why not use your own hair for a unique unicorn/horse/pony costume? Princess Hairstyles shows you how to achieve a sleek pony with an even sweeter unicorn horn made from your very own tresses.

6. Frizzy Lion's Mane

Assert yourself as the rightful queen of the jungle with this messy, crazy lion's mane from Braidsandstyles12. You just need some hairspray, hair pins, and a straightener to create this fierce feline look.

7. Princess Leia's Many Hair 'Dos

Ever wanted to nail the perfect hair cinnamon bun? Kayley Melissa will show you how to create Leia's most iconic hairstyles for a costume that's out of this world.

8. Ariel From The Little Mermaid's Rocking Red Hair

In order to be the prettiest mermaid under the sea, you've got to try this hair tutorial from Brizzy Voices! Mermaid hair, don't care, right?

9. Drop Dead Gorgeous Medusa Hair

Channel your inner (scary) Greek goddess with this mythical, magical tutorial from DiscoCurls. She uses a wig in her video, but DIYing dreadlocks can give the same stringy effect.

10. Sandy's Iconic Hairdo From Grease

Red lipstick and leather outfit aside, we know Sandy's hair is truly the scene stealer here. Abby Smith's hair tutorial is the one you want to show you're no beauty school dropout.

11. Do Dorothy From The Wizard of Oz's Precious Braids

This is another Halloween costume go-to, but if you braid the perfect Dorothy hairdo like Cute Girls Hairstyles, you'll be over the rainbow with happiness.

12. Scream Bloody Murder For Chanel's Scream Queens Hair

If you want to portray the perfect Chanel, Freddy My Love's tutorial covers how to perfectly mimic her hair, makeup, and outfits. What fresh hell is this? Your Halloween costume, duh.

13. Master Marilyn Monroe's Marvelous Pin Curls

It might not be 1952, but Marilyn's hairstyle certainly is timeless. Claire Hart's video is super easy to follow, and you only need some pins and a hair curler to channel the silver screen siren.

14. Sail Into Sailor Moon's Pigtails

This one's for all of you vintage anime lovers out there! KawaiiSusCrew's tutorial requires some colored extensions, but a few simple hair styling techniques are the only skills you'll need.

Which look will you try this Halloween?