15 Glamorous Updos For Short Hair

by Rachel Weeks

15 Glamorous Updos For Short Hair

Whether you’re growing your hair out or just got it cut, all short-haired women want to mix it up now and then. But no matter how many bobby pins you use, most updos are just out of reach. So, we compiled 15 red carpet-inspired short hair updos that are perfect for any party, dance, or a night on the town.


Naomi Watts


naomi watts updo hair


Naomi Watts pulls her shoulder-length hair into a neat coil at the nape of her neck. If your hair doesn’t quite fit into one chignon, try twisting a couple. Then, add your ornamentation of choice. Hair accessories—like flowers—are perfect for hiding unsightly hairpins or pieces of hair that couldn’t quite reach.


Emma Watson


emma watson in a zebra striped dress


This look is so effortless, you may not even consider it an updo, but it does get your hair out of your face. Simply blow-dry your locks using a round brush to curl the ends under. If your hair has a natural wave, straighten it out, making sure to maintain the curled ends. Make sure the whole look is frizz-free with a tiny bit of gel and a comb. Finally, take a bobby pin—a barrette if you have more hair than Emma—and pin your hair just above your ears.


AnnaSophia Robb


annasophia robb in flower dress


AnnaSophia Robb’s simple braided updo is perfect for short to mid-length hair because it’s so soft and messy. Just part your hair slightly to one side, and French-braid from the larger section around the back of your head until you run out of hair. Then, French-braid from the smaller section with the remaining hair. Don’t worry if ends poke out of the braid—it all adds to the look.


Kristen Wiig


kristen wiig in white dress


Don’t fear the baby bun! Kristen Wiig proves that little flyaways never hurt anybody. If your bun needs a volume boost, pick up a small foam hair donut or sock bun and try this short hair sock bun tutorial. Before long, you’ll have a voluminous bun with minimal length.



Julianne Hough


julianne hough in silver flower dress


Julianne Hough knows how to rock a beautiful short-hair updo. Begin by curling all your hair—you may not have as much as Julianne. Then, starting at the top of your head, loosely pin the curls off your face without damaging the ringlets. Finish with a coat of hairspray and a gorgeous gown.



Janelle Monae


janelle monae in tuxedo suit


Janelle Monae’s iconic coif is easier to get than you think. Section off the top middle portion of your hair, and clip it out of the way for now. Use gel and bobby pins to slick the sides of your hair back into a ponytail. Then comb the middle portion of your hair forward, and curl with a large-barreled curling iron and pin in place.



Emma Stone


emma watson in white ornamental dress


Emma Stone’s neat updo is totally doable with short hair. Just pull everything back into a ponytail, leaving a few pieces free at the nape of your neck to crisscross over the hair elastic. Glam the whole look up with a hair accessory of your choice.



Tina Fey


tina fey in maroon dress


The key to a successful short-hair updo is twisting–twisting and bobby pins, lots of bobby pins. Tina Fey’s stylist used both to keeps all of Tina’s hair contained. Plus, you can’t see a single bobby pin, thanks to the texture at the back.



Dianna Agron


dianna argon in blue wrap dress


Dianna Agron looks sophisticated and polished with this short-hair version of a French twist. Just create volume at the back of your head using a teasing comb. Smooth the rest of your hair over the teased portion, pin in place, and spray.



Charlize Theron


charlize theron in silver metallic dress


Charlize Theron channels her inner flapper with this retro style and beauty look. Follow these instructions to get the perfect finger wave; then, pin your hair off to one side, making sure to leave the whole look soft and messy.



Michelle Williams


michelle williams in blue velvet flowers


Michelle Williams dresses up her pretty pixie with a little sparkle, proving that headbands aren’t just for little girls anymore. However, it can be hard to find a headband that’s age-appropriate in stores. Keep color, texture, and size in mind when selecting your hair accessories to keep them looking sophisticated.



Emily Blunt


emily blunt in sheer white dress


Braids will be your best friend when you’re trying to get hair out of your face. Emily Blunt shows off some beautiful Dutch braids that culminate in a small chignon at the nape of her neck. To get wide braids like Emily’s without much hair, gently pull at the sides of the braid until they are the width you want.



Scarlett Johansson


scarlett johansson with black dress with white flowers


We love this flowy look on Scarlett Johansson’s shoulder-length locks. She contains most of her hair in a casual, messy rope braid on one side of her head and shows off her fun, wavy bangs on the other. To get these bangs, start with a deep part to one side and blow-dry your bangs using a round brush. You may need a large-barrel curling iron to get them to stay.



Abbie Cornish


abbie cornish in black sequin dress


Take a cue from Robocop‘s Abbie Cornish, and pair your next edgy dress with a sophisticated twisted updo. There’s nothing like a good twist to keep short hairs in place without going through a whole pack of hairpins. A comb and a healthy amount of hair gel also played a big role in keeping her flyaways at bay.



Katherine Heigl


katherine heigl in gold sequin dress


Katherine Heigl doesn’t let her short hair keep her from rocking old Hollywood curls. But instead of leaving her hair down or to one side, she glams it up even more with a pair of sparkly hair accessories that also keep her hair out of her face.