15 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Thin Hair

by Sierra Burgos

15 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Running out of patience with your thin hair? Look no further, because we’ve gathered hair inspiration from beauty bloggers and stylists who know how to deal with lean locks. These 15 fun hairstyles will give you completely new looks when you’re fresh out of ideas.


Cropped Messy Waves




This length is one of the best hairstyles for thin hair. The cut is shorter in the back and leaves longer pieces in the front to create dimension and give the illusion of thicker hair. Jenny Strebe of Confessions of a Hairstylist is all about thin hair, because she has it herself. Her go-to style is very similar to this one: loose, messy waves that frame the face. To create this look, use a flat iron to twist hair away from the face. Strebe tops her look with styling products by Pai-Shu, which she calls a “must-try.”




Braided Space Buns



Hair expert Kayley Melissa introduces us to an easier version of double buns: braided space buns. Especially if you have thin hair, using a volumizing product to fatten your braids will give the illusion of thick hair buns without the fuss. Pair your Miley buns with a choker or a bold lip and you’re ready to go. Watch this video to see how it’s done.


Double Lace Braid



Having thin hair can come with another problem: flat hair. Embrace that sleekness and try this adorable, badass braid hairstyle created by Ulrika Edler. No one will notice your lack of volume because they’ll be too busy admiring your intricate braid work. Straighten your locks for an even sleeker look. Check out our tutorial here.


Twisted Knot



Julia from Gal Meets Glam shows us how to replicate this look she saw on the New York Fashion Week runway. The knotting style will make your hair look thicker than it actually is, especially if you use volumizing mousse like she did. The hairline twists also give the illusion of of thick roots.


Top Knot With Accessory



Ulrika puts a spin on the classic top bun by adding a sparkling accessory. Even if you have a tiny bun from thin hair, adding a bracelet, headband, or hair bow can make all the difference.


Super Side Part



For extra volume anytime, try changing up your hair part. Even flipping your part from right to left can give you a boost of volume. We love how extreme this part is, giving the illusion of mega volume on top. Use a rat tail comb to define your new part, and then spritz on some hairspray to keep things in place.


Tiny Braids And Bun



The tiny braid trend is perfect for anybody with thin hair. In her YouTube video, Kayley shows us how to create 7 different looks using tiny braids. One of our favorites is this hairstyle with three little braids and a simple knotted look at the bottom. You’ll give off that boho vibe with virtually no effort, and the messy bun at the bottom will make your hair look thicker.


Rolled Headband Updo



Ulrika’s headband hairstyle makes updos easy, even if you have thin hair. All it takes is a cute headband and four simple steps. This hairstyle can be worn casually with jeans, or dressed up for date night. You could even make it formal by adding a nicer headband.


Grunge Layers



If you have thin hair, then short, choppy layers could give you the volume you’ve been looking for. Jenny Strebe styles her own layers with a teasing comb and volumizing spray for that grungy, messy look. Add feathered bangs for an even edgier vibe.


Flower And Fishtail Braid



This romantic braid combo is perfect for a date night or brunch with the girls (these sundresses would pair perfectly). The flower may look complicated, but it’s actually just a normal three-strand braid. Plus, no matter how small the flower or fishtail are, they’ll still steal the show.


Corkscrew Curls



We’re loving these bouncy corkscrew curls on Zoella. The curls give major volume and bounce to even the thinnest of hair. Look for a thin-barrel curling iron to get the tightest curls possible, and try using anti-frizz serum for glossy locks.


Pony Braid



Switch up your high pony and try this sassy braid instead. You can give the illusion of more volume by pancaking (aka: lightly pulling apart) your braid to look fatter. This hairstyle takes less than five minutes and you’ll feel like Beyoncé whipping your hair around to “Love on Top”.


Textured Middle Part



Jenny shows us how to rock a middle part with her tousled waves and vibrant color. If you have shorter hair, a middle part can definitely invigorate your hair routine and give your thin hair some body. Get the look by wrapping random sections of hair around a wand curling iron, curling the hair away from your face. Fluff your hair with texturizing product and you’re ready to go.


Low Double Buns



We’re in love with these adorable low buns by Kayley—they’re as simple as pigtails and look voluminous when you tease and play with them. Try adding a cozy hat or a cap to complete the look. Check out Kayley’s tutorials on styling hair for winter hats and scarves.


Crown Twist



Finally, this crown twist looks like it came straight out of a fairytale, but it’s actually quite simple. We love how it looks with an off-the-shoulder top. The crown twist is the easier version of a crown braid, and it keeps your hair off your back during the summer heat. You can create more volume by pulling on strands of hair to make the hair at the crown of your head seem thicker. See how Julia does it on her website.