15 of Our Favorite Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

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15 of Our Favorite Lauren Conrad Hairstyles

Lauren Conrad is inspiring for a number of reasons: She's a style icon, an entrepreneur, and one of the few reality TV stars we actually admire. Not to mention her hair game is on point, always. Here are 15 of our favorite Lauren Conrad hairstyles, with the tricks to nailing them yourself.


Super Sleek Strands



We rarely see Lauren with straight hair these days, but it’s definitely a look worth copying. Apply a heat protectant over damp, clean hair; then use a round brush to blow-dry your strands as straight as possible. Aim the brush and blow dryer downward, creating a slight curl at the bottom of your hair. Smooth out any rough patches with a small straightener.


Faux Bob



Want to go short without making the cut? Copy Lauren’s chic faux bob. Curl your entire head of hair, focusing especially on your shortest layer. When you’re done, roll your longest layers in and up, tucking them under the top layer, and secure with bobby pins. Touch up any curls on the top layer, and adjust your hair so that it hangs over the hidden length. Voila! A bob.


Big Top Bun



To re-create Lauren’s epic ballerina bun, start by simply making a high ponytail. Lightly run a teasing comb up the length of the ponytail to create volume and texture; then wrap the hair around the base of the ponytail. Pin it in place, and finish with a shine spray.


Loose Curls



These luxe loose curls are lower-maintenace than they look. Straighten your hair from root to chin; then wrap 1-inch sections of hair around a large-barrel curling iron. Hold the curls while they cool; then let go, and spritz with hairspray to make them last all day.


Swept-Back Updo



For this look, start with your natural texture—straight or wavy—or day-old straightened hair (if you're naturally curly). Tease your hair lightly at the crown for added volume; then tie your hair back into a low bun. Pull a few strands loose at the temple to copy Lauren's carefree, romantic look.


Boho Twists



Lauren’s beautiful boho hairstyle works on straight or wavy hair, and is a perfect style when you’re going between washes. Use a dry shampoo or texturizing spray to add light volume to your roots; then take two small sections of hair near the front of your face, and twist them back, securing with bobby pins. Leave some hair in front of the twists for a look that’s relaxed and natural.


Half-Up Bouffant



This half-bouffant updo is ideal for formal events or a weekend with friends—adjust the volume accordingly. To get Lauren’s sleek look, curl your hair from the chin down, and run through it lightly with a wide-tooth comb to break up the spirals. Tease your hair, starting at the crown and extending down to where the half-updo ends. Use a soft-bristle brush to smooth the teased section back, and pin in place.


French Braid Updo



To get Lauren’s flirty updo, separate your hair into two sections with a middle part. Leave a few loose pieces at the front to frame your face; then loosely French-braid each side until you reach the nape of your neck. Pull the two sections together in an elastic; then create a low bun. Pull lightly at the braided sections to get a soft, romantic look.


Beachy Waves



Lauren masters California-cool with this laid-back beachy hairdo. To copy her look, use a 1-inch flat iron to add a slight wave to the middle of your hair, letting the bottom hang straight. Finish it off with a sea salt spray to get an authentic beach vibe.


Sleek Low Pony



If you look closely, you can see the bobby pin keeping Lauren’s bangs tucked perfectly behind her ear. Taming flyaways with smoothing serum and strategically placed pins is the secret to scoring such a perfect low pony.


Retro Curls



To get Lauren’s picture-perfect curls, divide your hair into 6-8 sections; then wrap each section around a 1-inch curling iron for 5 seconds. After removing the curling barrel, hold each curl in your hand for about 10 seconds until it completely cools off. Lightly pull at the curls with your fingers to create more texture; then pin back one side with a pretty clip.


Chic Bedhead



There is a huge difference between wearing actual bedhead and mastering the art of chic, textured hair. To copy Lauren’s effortlessly messy hair, start by letting your hair dry or by working with second-day strands. Run a straightener through your hair, and then use a texturizing paste at the very ends of your hair to add definition.


Preppy Ponytail



This is the perfect style for the day-after waves or loose curls. Spray dry shampoo at your roots to add volume and nix greasiness; then brush your hair into a high ponytail. Leave a 1-inch section loose at the nape of your neck to wrap around the ponytail; then secure it with a bobby pin. Wrap the pony around a curling wand, and then lightly separate the strands with your fingers. Give your bangs a slight center part for Lauren’s classic, preppy look.


Trendy Textured Ponytail



To start off this stylish ponytail, wrap the ends of your hair around a curling iron and then brush through for a messy, wavy effect. Pull all your hair back into a high pony, and spray the ends with texturizing spray to re-create Lauren’s voluminous hair.


Undone Waves



This relaxed look is glamorous without being over-the-top: Classic Lauren Conrad, right? To make this style your own, wrap 1-or-2-inch sections of hair around a 1-inch curling barrel. Start curling below the ear all the way around your head, but frame your face by curling from the root at the front. Comb through with a wide-tooth comb, and spray with a flexible-hold hairspray.