16 Blake Lively Hairstyles We Want to Copy

by Morgan DeBoest

16 Blake Lively Hairstyles We Want to Copy

Blake Lively has long been a source of inspiration for us: her killer style, those trademark long blonde locks, and her adorable marriage to Ryan Reynolds. (Hey, a girl can dream!) While it was hard to narrow down our favorite Blake Lively hairstyles, we gathered our top picks. Read on to learn how to achieve these gorgeous looks.


Newsboy Cap



Third- or fourth-day hair can be tricky sometimes. Our favorite solution? An adorable hat. Blake pulls off this black newsboy-style cap with a cozy sweater and covers her roots to boot.


Half-Up Waves



Break out the curling wand to get Blake’s soft waves. Keep the ends loose for more of a wavy look than a curly look. Pin back for a half-up variation, but keep a few pieces loose to frame your face.


Sleek High Pony



Show off that gorgeous face of yours with this super-sleek pony. Perfect for second- or third-day hair, this pony looks polished and takes less than a minute to do. Brush hair back into a pony about midway down head, and secure with elastic. Smooth flyaways by spraying a little hairspray onto a toothbrush and lightly going over them.


Boho Braid



This soft, sweet look is a must-try. Customize with patterned bobby pins or a vintage clip. This multi-layer braid is actually two—one loose braid and one tighter fishtail, secured together at the end.


Full Chignon



Try this ultra-glam look for holiday parties or even work events. We love this modern take on the classic chignon. Smooth hair into a low ponytail, and pin it into a big bun. Spray generously for maximum holding power.


Soft Fishtail



If you’ve got lots of hair, the high fishtail is a great go-to for everything from nights out to afternoon errands. Braid your ponytail top to bottom and secure with an elastic, then fluff and soften by tugging at the braid.


Sultry Loose Braid



Blake loves her braids but makes each one just a little different. For this version, keep more pieces loose on either side of your face, and let your natural texture be the star. To maximize sexiness, line eyes with black kohl liner and keep your pout neutral but shiny.


Messy Bun



Only Blake Lively would make us want to adapt our lazy-day hairstyle for formal occasions. This gorgeous—yet effortless—messy bun is low-maintenance and shows that you’re up for anything. Make sure to smooth back flyaways (and leave the headbands at home)!





We’ve been known to rock this look with second- or third-day dirty hair, but Blake shows us that it’s okay to own this casual, breezy look anytime—even on the red carpet. If you’re starting with a day-old look, add a little dry shampoo to freshen the roots and brush through.


Ultra-Glossy Waves



When Blake stepped out for her first red-carpet appearance since her pregnancy announcement, we were in awe of her adorable bump and gorgeous pregnancy glow. To get these impossibly shiny, loose waves, use a curling wand and hold hair around it for five seconds. Use fingers to comb through curls, and leave ends out for a more boho look.


Glossy Long Waves



To get these glam waves, use a large-barrel curling iron or wand (2 or 2.5 inches) and twist hair around the barrel, leaving ends loose. Comb fingers through hair, and spray all over with a light- to medium-hold spray.


Long-Tail Braid



This effortless look is just as easy as it looks. Twist or braid hair off to one side, leaving tendrils loose around the face. Secure with a clear elastic two or three inches above where you normally would end the braid.


Old Hollywood Curls



We can’t get enough of Blake’s old Hollywood look. For these big soft curls, use rollers or a large-barrel curling iron and brush through curls after letting them cool. Sweep to one side, and complete your look with a classic red lip.


High Messy Braid



The trick to making this messy braid ultra-glam is keeping it smooth and polished in front. Smooth hair into a tight high pony, and secure with an elastic; then braid the pony—it doesn’t have to be even! Roughen up the braid, and spray to keep everything in place.


Sixties Curls with Headband



Blake pulls off the ’60s mod look here. Make the look your own by curling hair with a large-barrel curling iron and brushing curls out, and wear a headband of your choice—we love Blake’s pastel ribbon band. For added volume, tease the hair behind the headband.


Straight Half-Updo



We are seriously obsessed with Blake’s maternity style—there probably hasn’t ever been a more glam mom-to-be. And her trademark blonde locks are no different—this straight half-up, half-down look is polished and effortless. Blow out hair with a round brush; then use bobby pins to secure the top half of hair.


Photo Credits: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images