16 Chic Hairstyles for Fine Hair

by Rachel Weeks

16 Chic Hairstyles for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, then you’ve probably pined for thicker locks, for hair that will do something, anything. We’ve compiled a list of the most flattering hairstyles for fine hair that will have you loving your locks in no time. We got in touch with hairstylist Dana McGill, Nioxin expert and educator Jordan Loven, Paul Mitchell Transformations stylist Grace Watson, and Global Team Educator for Eufora International Mirza Batanovic.


Katie Holmes



Katie Holmes often sports a short, sassy cut that gives her extra volume, but in this case her curls are doing the heavy lifting. “Curling hair will create an illusion of thicker hair,” McGill says. “Try using a lightweight setting spray to hold curls all day long.”


Gwyneth Paltrow



“Gwyneth Paltrow is known for her one-length cuts, which give her extra fullness,” McGill says. Despite her very fine hair, Paltrow’s hair always looks long and healthy, because it’s well cared for and layer-free.


Jennifer Lawrence



America’s darling, Jennifer Lawrence, always has a fun hair texture. “Fine hair is the most stubborn hair to hold style,” McGill says. “The key is to use products that are lightweight—absolutely no heavy creams. Hairsprays and setting sprays are also essential if you’re going to curl hair.”


Sandra Bullock



Sandra Bullock’s smooth, straight lob is a versatile and flattering cut for women with fine hair. “My favorite style for fine hair is a blunt cut a little above shoulder length,” McGill says. “This look will hold curl, looks great straight, and is long enough to pull back as well.”


Reese Witherspoon



Reese Witherspoon knows how to keep her hair looking full. “Notice that she always has a full perimeter and stays away from excessive layers,” Loven says. “This allows the hair to look much fuller.” In a full perimeter hairstyle, the longest layer is all one length. It isn’t tapered but can include bangs.


Alexa Chung



English model and television presenter Alexa Chung’s style is always on point, but it’s her bangs that have our attention this time. “Heavy fringe tends to look great on fine hair,” Batanovic says. Plus, loose curls give her long, fine locks volume.


Kate Mara



Actress Kate Mara’s hairstyle is perfect for women with fine hair: textured, one length, and beautifully colored. To liven up your locks, Loven says, “Focus on the base when you are blow-drying. Drying in the opposite direction that the hair will lay and pulling tension on the hair will ensure the best volume.”


Cameron Diaz



Watson loves Cameron Diaz’s style for fine-haired women. “It has a very slight graduation that boosts the hair above and creates more volume and longer layers,” Watson says. “You can style this haircut in multiple ways because that texture allows so much movement. I would first try a smoothing iron on a big section to create a choppy bob or maybe a blow-out off [the] scalp for a soft, timeless look.”


Karlie Kloss



Supermodel Karlie Kloss shocked everyone when she chopped her hair off in 2012, but we love her style, especially for fine hair. To get Kloss’s voluminous look, McGill says to be sure to use the correct products. Volumizing and lightweight products are key. “Use a volumizing shampoo, and apply a lightweight conditioner only on the ends of hair. I recommend a volumizing root spray and lightweight thickening mousse as well,” she says.


Miley Cyrus



No matter what your opinion of Miley Cyrus is, there’s no doubt that her blonde pixie does a lot for her fine hair. “You can see how versatile and voluptuous Miley’s cut is,” Watson says, “She is working and changing her hair constantly with the short-to-long cut.”


Emma Stone



Emma Stone is known for being a hair-color chameleon, but she always has a flattering cut, too. “Blunt bobs at any length are great to help hair look thicker,” says Batanovic. And this bob certainly does the trick.


Elle Fanning



Actress Elle Fanning is not letting her fine hair keep her from long, lustrous locks. “Fine hair generally tends to do better with longer layers to avoid it looking even thinner,” Batanovic says. “If you want to keep hair longer, your layers should never be shorter than chin length.”


Kristen Wiig



Kristen Wiig’s one-length bob is a great example of a fine haircut with texture. “Avoid any style that has an excessive amount of layers. This takes away from the direction of growth and makes the ends less healthy,” Loven says. “If the client likes a textured cut, then she should always ask for the stylist to use different techniques to texturize and slice into the layers.”


Kaley Cuoco



Kaley Cuoco’s short-to-long cut creates volume and texture. “Styling the textured hair forward allows the hair to look fluid and sexy,” Watson says. “The soft, textured bangs don’t lay flat on their forehead. They’re playful and versatile; the separation allows the hair to appear even fuller.”


Keira Knightley



Keira Knightley has had long hair, short hair, and every style in between. Her hair evolution shows just how versatile fine hair can be. “Women with fine hair can try any style if the cut is done right,” McGill says. “I recommend a style with volume. Boost powders are my favorite products for keeping backcombing in all day with no stress about hair falling.”


Sienna Miller



Fine hair doesn’t always mean thin hair! Sienna Miller plays with some layers in this bob. “Keep in mind your hair might be fine in texture, but there might be plenty of it in density, meaning you have a lot of fine hair,” Batanovic says. “In this case, you can play with shorter layers, but keep in mind, it’s easier to take things shorter than to grow them back!”