18 Hairstyles That Prove Pigtails Aren’t Just For Kids

by Alyssa K. Priebe

18 Hairstyles That Prove Pigtails Aren’t Just For Kids

We aren’t sure if it was Miley’s double buns or Kim Kardashian’s slick braids, but there’s no denying pigtails are making a place in our hearts again. With intricate braids and messy buns, you can transform your favorite childhood style into a chic, adult trend.



Do The Twist



This unique style from beauty vlogger, Kayley Melissa, is perfect for days when you simply want your hair out of your face. Step 1: Grab a large section in front and twist it away from your face. Step 2: Add sections, continuing to twist away from your crown. Step 3: Secure and repeat on the other side. It’s that easy. If you have thinner hair, curl it first to give it more grip and holding power.




Loosen Up



One way to give pigtails an instant upgrade: move them to the back of your head. You’ll want to learn how to dutch braid (you can check out her blog, Kassinka, for a tutorial), but once you’ve got that down, the only other thing is loosening the braids to give them more volume.




Double Knot



Remember a certain popstar’s small double buns from 2013? Well, turns out she wasn’t just being Miley—she was bringing forward a new hairstyle trend we still love today. Why? Because it takes 5 minutes and looks super chic. Don’t believe us? Check out our tutorial and see for yourself.




Criss Cross



Sure, this criss-cross braid looks complicated, but with this tutorial from Hair Romance we promise anyone can replicate this style, no professionals required.




The Kim Kardashian



Sexy and sleek are two words used to describe this Kim Kardasian-inspired look by Roxi. Check out her beauty vlog, Roxxsaurus, and recreate this trendy hairstyle yourself.




Loosen Up



Embrace your inner farm girl with full-bodied braids like this Instagramer. Cowgirl boots are optional, but we say the hat and overall combination is a style must.




For The Shorties



Think your hair is too short to style in pigtails? Well, thanks to A Beautiful Mess blogger Rebecca, that problem is history. Head over to her channel to learn how she turned her short strands into braided works of art.




Feelin’ Loopy



We never would’ve thought to try something this out of the box (or is it out of the braid?) with our hair. But hats off to beauty blogger, Nee, because she opened our eyes to one amazing style. The tricks? Sectioning and gel. Get the full video tutorial on her channel, Bebexoj.




Soft And Sweet



Missy Sue created a super feminine pigtail style with asymmetrical sectioning and soft curls. We recommend pairing it with a pastel dress and sweet perfume for your next date night. Tres magnifique!




Loose And Lacey



Ah, lace. We adore it on wedding gowns and lingerie, and now it’s our new favorite braid! Think French braiding, but instead of adding sections to each side, you’ll only add hair from the back. Kirstin Zellers rocks it with blue hair, but we say any color works with this braid.




Bomb Buns



If chokers and mom jeans didn’t prove the 90s are back, then this half-up style from Barbar Hair Tools certainly does. Our inner grunge princess started to emerge the instant she saw it. And why shouldn’t she? These buns are da bomb!




Boho Chic



This hippie-inspired hairstyle from the Little Lady has us aching for some festival tickets. Just look at that headband—it pairs perfectly with the fishtail braid pigtails.




Jeweled Perfection



Sure, sometimes less is more—but with this style from The Viking Queen, we can’t help but feel the more, the better! So many braids paired with the gorgeous pearls? We’re all over it! If you’re going to try this style, be sure to place your braids strategically and alternate size to keep it ethereal and not too Pippy Longstocking.




Going Dutch



Everyone’s doing French braids; stand out from the crowd by going Dutch instead! The easiest way to add sophistication to this pigtail hairstyle? Wrap hair around the base of each pigtail to hide the elastics. Learn the technique with our tutorial.




Ridin’ Low



It’s simple, quick and oh so cute—exactly the kind of style we’d expect from pigtails. Just loop your hair under on each side and finish with your favorite hat. We love the casual vibe of this baseball cap, but any hat should pair well with these fun buns. Be sure to check out Kayley’s video for more adult-styled pigtails.




Bump It



Bebexoj used a Bump It to create this voluminous hairstyle. You may be on the fence about the product, but hey—Audrey Hepburn approved of crown bumps, and who are we to question an actual style icon?




Stack ‘Em Up



These multi-braid pigtails really stack up against other looks on our list. Nicole Guerriero Dutch braided the hair at her crown then fishtailed and braided the remainder. It sounds complicated, but if you watch her video you’ll have it down in no time flat.




A Tad Spacey



This last look combines two of our favorite trends—the upside-down braid and double buns (three trends if you count our love of purple hair, too). To get this look, separate your hair into two sections, tilt your head upside-down, French braid starting at the base of your neck and secure it at the crown. Then wrap the remainder of the hair into a bun, and repeat!