18 Wedding Updos That Will Have You Saying “I Do”

by Morgan DeBoest

18 Wedding Updos That Will Have You Saying “I Do”

Updos for weddings can sometimes seem overdone. But they don’t have to be. Try one of these updos for an unforgettable day—some of them take only 60 seconds to do!


Twisty Formal Bun



Abby of Twist Me Pretty knows a thing or two about twists, and we can’t get enough of this sleek bun. Start with half-up hair as she does in this tutorial, and then fold hair into a bun—you can see all the different folds and overlaps in the picture. Finish with hairspray for a pulled-together, elegant ‘do.


Braided Tuck



Why stress out about a super-complicated hairstyle on the most beautiful day of your life? Try this simple braided hair tuck from Katie of A Beautiful Mess. Braid two small sections on each side of your head, and gather these braids into a ponytail at the back of the head. Tuck the hair left out below the braids up into the original braids, and secure with bobby pins. Pro tip: If your hair is just too long to tuck in, braid that large bottom section first to shorten it up a bit.


Simple French Roll



This classic French roll from Lindsay of Treasures and Travels can be done in exactly 60 seconds—seriously! To get the look, comb hair to the left side and pin in place. Then pull hair from left to right, and roll the ends around your hand. While holding the roll in place, push pins in to secure. Watch the video here.





This adorable look combining multiple little buns from AJ at Your Stylist AJ is so easy that you’ll want to do it every day. Just separate hair into three sections, and pin away the top two sections. Separate the bottom section into three pieces, and twist into tiny buns; then secure with bobby pins. Take down the top section, and cross the two halves across each other; then twist into little buns. Continue twisting to create more and more buns, and pin into place. Leave a few tendrils around the face loose if you like; then finish with hairspray.


Vintage Swirls



This vintage glam look from Wedding Chicks is for two types of people: those with medium-length hair and those that love to tease. Add texture by curling hair all over. Section and tease the top layer into a sort of mohawk. Comb both sides of hair toward the center of the head, and pin in place. Pull the bottom part of hair up, and pin in place. To make the fancy swirls, gather sections of hair from the mohawk and create pincurls. Pin in place. Finish with a generous amount of hairspray. If you’d like to add a headband or other hairpiece, put that on before you pin the top curl in place.


Dutch Braid



If you don’t know what a Dutch braid is, no worries—it’s just an inside-out French braid. This tutorial from Katie of A Beautiful Mess breaks down all the steps of a simple Dutch braid. After you’ve completed the braid, twist the bottom of the braid you’ve just created back up around itself and into a bun shape, and pin in place.


Knotted Updo



We know Abby from Twist Me Pretty for her super-easy updos that look so gorgeous once completed, and this knotted updo is no different. Check out the super-helpful video here.


Twisted Chignon



A chignon is synonymous with chic, and what bride doesn’t want to look flawlessly pulled together on her big day? We love this twisted chignon from Abby of Twist Me Pretty. It takes less than 10 minutes, start to finish. Check out this video tutorial.


Curved Lace Braid



This look from Christina of Hair Romance was inspired by Nicole Kidman’s look at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. A lace braid is the same as a French braid, but you only add in hair from one side—for this style, it’s the top side. The braids are then twisted around and pinned in place. This style looks best in lighter-colored hair or hair with highlights. If you are working with dark hair, just do the first braid and put the rest of your hair into a bun. Then wrap your braid around the bun to achieve a similar look.


Infinity Knot



Marriage means forever, so why not show that in your wedding hair? This infinity knot from Jenny at Confessions of a Hairstylist is absolutely perfect. Start by brushing hair into a high ponytail. Divide the ponytail in half; then pin the right side into a horizontal loop. Pin the left side into a loop the same size and height as the right side, and drape the ends so they tuck nicely into the bun. Use dry shampoo to get the right amount of texture, and finish off with hairspray.


Pin and Twist



Kate of The Small Things Blog says you can get this look with any texture of hair—even if you’re working with curled or flat-ironed hair. Start with half-up hair—let the hair from the right overlap the hair on the left. Do this again with the hair just below, but let the hair on the left overlap the hair on the right. Pin everything in place. Twist the hair that’s remaining into a circle, and pin in place. You can also make a bun instead of a loop. Here’s the full video tutorial.


Tucked Braid



Sometimes it’s tricky to find looks for medium-length hair. This tucked braid from Katie of A Beautiful Mess is definitely one of the cutest we’ve seen—who doesn’t love an easy braid that doubles as a fabulous updo? Divide hair vertically into three ponytails, and braid all that hair together in a French braid. Tug the braid outward to make it a bit fuller; then tuck the end up to hide the elastic, and pin in place. Pin the sides down so all the elastics are hidden. Finish off with some light-hold hairspray.


3-Bun Updo



Turn three ponytails into buns for an ultra-chic updo. We love this look from AJ of Your Stylist AJ. It’s as easy as it looks—just twist each ponytail, and pin into a bun shape. Start at the bottom, and work your way up. Finish with a healthy amount of hairspray.


Messy Pretzel Chignon



This look from Kacia of Coconut Robot is perfect for outdoor and boho weddings. It’s so simple that you’ll want to wear it on the honeymoon, too! Start with a deep side part (or the part you’re most comfortable with). Gather hair, and twist it to the side of the head where you want your chignon, pushing up a bit as you do this to get some volume at the crown of the head. Secure with bobby pins; then loop hair once and back over the original loop, and secure in place. There will be some loose pieces. Use a bit of texture spray to get the ideal look.


Wrapped Chignon



This look is best with long hair. Emily of The Freckled Fox says it requires no heat at all, and brides with any texture of hair can do it. Separate hair horizontally into three sections. Make a bun with the middle section, and wrap the outer two sections around it to create a chignon. You can leave the front smooth and sleek, or loosen it up with some face-framing tendrils.


Rolled Ponytail



If you’re not really a bun girl, this look is for you. We love how stylishly effortless this look from Abby of Twist Me Pretty is. Begin by taking all the hair behind one ear and twisting it across the back of the head. Tie all the hair that’s now on your shoulder (except for a small section in the front) into a ponytail using a clear elastic. Use the section you left out to wrap around the clear elastic. Secure with some hairspray, or if you’re feeling beachy, use a sea salt spray for added texture.


Sideways French Twist



Give the classic French twist a modern update with this sideways version from Kate of The Small Things Blog. Start by gathering the top layer of hair in the back, and pin toward the middle of the head. Fold small sections of the bottom layer up into loops to cover those original pins, starting on the right side. Leave one piece out on the opposite side—you’ll use this to cover up the top of the twist. There’s a great tutorial video here.


Fishtail Braid



This amazing video tutorial from Jenny at Confessions of a Hairstylist will help you create a gorgeous updo and a fishtail braid how-to. Use your natural part, and create a fishtail braid down to the very bottom of your hair. Pinch each section, and pull it out a bit for a fuller braid. Roll the braid under from the bottom up, and pin into place.