20 Flattering Hairstyles for Oval Faces

by Rachel Weeks

20 Flattering Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Hairstyles for oval faces are diverse, playful, and fun because girls with oval faces have long been considered having the coveted “ideal shape” when it comes hair. If you can dream it, it will probably look great on an oval face—but even girls with oval faces need hair inspiration.


Katy Perry



Nobody experiments with hairstyles quite like Katy Perry. “If you have an oval shape, you’re in luck,” Vosper says. “It is the ideal face shape for any part, from middle, side-swept, or deep part—mix it up and have fun!” Katy shows off a center part here.


Alicia Keys



Alicia Keys always has us “fallin'” for her look, no matter what hairstyle she’s rocking. But this curly mane is particularly perfect for an R&B diva of her status; it’s bold, voluminous, and flattering. Plus, she knows beauty isn’t just on the outside.


Kim Kardashian



Kim Kardashian makes her signature long hair work for her face shape with shorter layers that frame her face. “Women with oval faces should avoid anything long without layers,” Cornwell says. “You do not want to accent the length of your face, so a blunt cut on long hair will not work.”


Emma Roberts



Emma Roberts’ haircuts are more consistent than her oval-faced peers’ but not because of her face shape. Emma’s asymmetrical bob keeps her fine hair looking as voluminous as possible, even when it’s stick-straight.


Julia Roberts



Long hair tends to elongate oval faces in an unflattering way, but Julia Roberts adds width to her look with shoulder-length layers and voluminous waves. Additionally, the blonde tips of her hair prevent her long locks from dragging her face down.


Elizabeth Banks



“What do you want to show off the most with your new haircut? Is it your eyes? Cheekbones? Lips?” Cornwell asks. “Take your pick!” In this case, Elizabeth opens up her face with a wide hairline to accent her lip color and smile.


Jessica Alba



Jessica Alba would look gorgeous in a wine barrel with straps, but she really knows how to play to her assets. “She rocks different styles, but the cut and color always bring out the best features on her face,” Cornwell says. “She has rocked a bob with layers and long hair with waves. All work for her because of the perfect length of the cut or the placement of layers and color.”


Emily Blunt



Looking elegant as always, Emily rocks a beautifully colored blunt bob. Because the tips are lighter, this look plays up her eyes without having bangs. And who wouldn’t want to accentuate this super-trendy blue eye liner?


Christina Aguilera



Although she rarely strays from her blonde locks, Xtina does know how to play with different hairstyles. “The number one styling rule for oval faces is to change up your look,” Cornwell says. “An oval face shape is fantastic for trying different styles. Layers, fringe [otherwise known as bangs], short, and long all work with an oval-shape face.”


Zooey Deschanel



Zooey Deschanel knows how to play to her assets. Her signature fringe accentuates both her pretty blue peepers and her killer cheekbones without appearing too heavy. Plus, her big curls add more volume and width to an otherwise vertical look.





Ah, yes. The Queen Bey herself has an oval-shape face; that explains why she can rock a full, curly mane on stage; long, flowing locks on the red carpet; a pretty pixie; and a cute, curly bob. Flawless.


Rachel McAdams



Rachel McAdams’ hair has been long, short, blonde, brown, red, curly, straight, and everything in between. If the key to having an oval-shape face is experimentation, Rachel knows what she is doing.





While she is known for a variety of wild looks, Kesha (RIP, Ke$ha) keeps it low-key with this classic Hollywood look. Because her face shape is so versatile, she uses this style to further accentuate her heavily lined eyes. Bonus points for showing off her killer ear cuff.


Anne Hathaway



Anne Hathaway’s hair has been short since she famously sheared it on film as Fantine in Les Misérables, and we’ve loved it every step of the way. Her side-swept bangs play up her big brown eyes and perfectly frame her other, more delicate features.


Kerry Washington



Kerry Washington seemed to become a fashion icon overnight with her starring role as Scandal‘s Olivia Pope, so of course she needed a flattering hairstyle to match. Her bangs accentuate her smoldering eyes, and the length plays perfectly with the neckline of her dress.


Blake Lively



Oh, Blake Lively, we’d kill for your lustrous waves of hair. Okay, no, we wouldn’t, but we’d think about it. Seriously though, Blake’s hair works because it’s all about volume. Her loose curls give her face the width long cuts need on oval faces. Plus, the blonde color prevents her length from dragging her face down.


Emma Watson



Emma Watson tends to let her face shape do the talking, keeping her hair short and neatly coifed. This look in particular opens up her face and accentuates her berry lips. We expect nothing less from the fashionable U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador.


Eva Mendes



Eva Mendes doesn’t hesitate to give her hair lots of volume. “If you notice your hair beginning to look lackluster or flat, switch up your part to add a little extra volume and texture,” Vosper says. “If you usually wear a deep part to the left, change it to the right and vice versa. If you typically wear a middle part, try a diagonal or side part.”


Jessica Biel



We love Jessica Biel’s long locks so much we just might forgive her for taking Justin Timberlake off the market. Notice how she breaks up the length of this look with blunt bangs that also accentuate her cheekbones. If you’re going to give this fringed look a try, we recommend getting the bangs trimmed regularly or learning to do it yourself.





Rihanna never fails when it comes to hair experimentation, and Cornwell agrees: “She has rocked so many hair styles and blows us away every time! The accents of color, where the texture hits the face, and how she wears her makeup all contribute to her beauty and style.”