22 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles with Bangs

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22 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles with Bangs

Hairstyles with bangs are a timeless trend, even if the exact shape and cut do get switched up a bit. Here are some of the most flattering bang options from our favorite celebs, with tips and tricks from two professional stylists. Christine Symonds is an EcoTools Beauty Team member who has styled the hair of celebs like Ashlee Simpson, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, and Ali Larter. Hair expert James Cornwell has a client list that includes Paula Abdul, Jessica Alba, and Ford Models.


Lea Michele’s Classic Bangs



Lea Michele played a perfectionist on Glee, so it's no surprise that translates to her real-life hair situation. If you want to get this classic bang style just right, Cornwell advises always styling your bangs from wet to dry. Don't wait for them to air-dry, or blow-dry indiscriminately, before trying to style them. The best method for even, unparted bangs is to use a flat brush and a blow dryer.


Demi Lovato’s Sweeping Bangs



Did we mention that round-faced ladies can rock any bang style they want? Demi’s long, side-swept bangs are for anyone who wants laid-back, easy-to-style fringe.


Nicole Richie’s Side-Swept Bangs



Nicole Richie is the poster child for side-swept bangs. No matter what she does with her hair, this is the cut that's inspired us for years. Swooping bangs do wonders to soften Richie's square face shape, but Cornwell says side-swept bangs work on practically any face.


Kelly Rowland’s Eyebrow-Grazing Bangs



Kelly Rowland’s super-thick straight bangs are the perfect length for her oval face shape. The hardest part of eyebrow-grazing bangs is maintaining the length. “Do not attempt to cut at home,” warns Cornwell. “Schedule a bang trim before you even leave your appointment.”


Hilary Duff’s Straight Bangs



Since her Lizzie McGuire days, the Duffster has had us considering straight-across bangs. This is the polished grown-up version we’ve been looking for. Use a brush and a blow dryer or a flat iron to give them her soft style. Cornwell advises against using a curling iron (“1980 called, and they want their bangs back!”) to achieve this look.


Rashida Jones



If you want to create balance between a prominent forehead and the rest of your face, bangs are a great option. “For larger foreheads it’s a great way to disguise the size,” Cornwell suggests. “Either straight-across or sweeping bangs work great on this type of forehead.”


Zoeey Deschanel’s Iconic Bangs



Zooey Deschanel has made bangs a part of her signature look, and she pulls it off in a way almost nobody else can. To make them work for you, be careful to consider your face shape, not just your celeb inspiration. “Bangs need to be detailed to not just the face shape but width of eyes, width of face, length of cheekbones, and the person’s ability to style,” Cornwell advises.


Rachel McAdams’s Voluminous Bangs



Rachel McAdams achieves bang volume without going super-thick. The trick to that? “A round brush will give you smoothness with some volume,” Cornwell says. Lightly apply a heat protectant before blow-drying bangs straight with a medium-size round brush.


Frida Pinto’s Wispy Bangs



Frida Pinto's wispy, piecey bangs are the perfect option if you think you may want to grow them out without too much fuss. "Bangs mean maintenance and a commitment," Symonds warns. "You want to be sure you are ready for an extra step in your hair routine."


Jennifer Garner’s Textured Bangs



If you plan on trying bangs temporarily, be sure to get a soft, textured cut that will allow them to transition back into the rest of your length naturally as they grow out. Jennifer Garner’s lightly angled bangs blend in seamlessly when she wears a side part.


Kerry Washington’s Blunt Bangs



Kerry Washington’s blunt cut ends are perfect for thick-haired girls who are sure they’re committed to bangs. Keeping bangs requires frequent upkeep; Symonds suggests getting a trim every 4–6 weeks to maintain length.


Mena Suvari’s Middle Part



Transitioning to a middle part is another great way to style long bangs or kill time while you’re growing them out. If you definitely plan on growing them out, “have your stylist take out weight just in the center of the bangs so they can be either side-swept or middle-parted with a cheekbone-grazing length and they won’t be too heavy,” Symonds advises.


Rihanna’s Curly Bangs



Curly girls, listen up: It’s not impossible to rock bangs. Rihanna proves it’s completely doable with these amazing beachy bangs. The secret to making this work? Nothing too thick, and keeping a length that’s long enough to wear curly but still easy to style straight. And please, none of that straight-bang, curly-everywhere-else business; you’re better than that.


Beyonce’s Super-Straight Bangs



Beyonce’s new middle-of-the-forehead bang choice may be one of the superstars only mistakes, like, ever—but we know Bey can rock a bang. These super-straight, face-framing bangs are enough to redeem some of her other questionable choices. To get your bangs this straight, blow-dry them flat against your forehead and then touch them up with a straightener.


Jessica Biel’s In-Between Swoop



If you decide to go for the chop and end up growing them out, all is not lost. “It’s tough growing out bangs,” Cornwell says. “Best thing to do is have an open mind and be patient.” Jessica Biel is an excellent example of switching up styles in in-between lengths. She rocked the straight-across bang forever, but during her transition to no bangs she did a long, soft swoop that looked elegant, not awkward.


Taylor Swift’s Playful Bangs



Straight bangs are flirty and youthful, and if your eyes are your best feature, it’s the perfect cut to highlight them. Taylor proves that, with a few face-framing pieces, this is the ideal bang style if you wear your hair up a lot. To get her slightly curled-under look, Symonds suggests these steps: “Try to blow-dry the roots of the bangs with no volume. Wrap the bangs against your forehead until they are almost dry before you use a round brush to bevel the ends. If you begin to lift with a round brush while they are wet, you will have too much volume in the bang area.”


Kim Kardashian’s Long, Straight Bangs



Kim K rocks a longer version of straight-across bangs that give off a sexy vibe rather than one that’s playful and sweet. Kim’s forehead is on the small side, so long, eye-grazing bangs are a great way to balance her face shape. “If you have a small forehead, you need either a heavier bang that starts farther back or a longer bang,” Symonds says.


Michelle Williams’s Long Bangs, Short Hair



Please don’t let Kate Gosselin scare you short-haired ladies away from growing out your bangs. Michelle Williams’s perfect pixie is an example of the right way to make long bangs work with short hair. Gorgeous!


Carrie Underwood’s Side Part



If you told me you don’t want Carrie Underwood’s bangs, I would never again believe anything you said. For a long face like Carrie’s, a side part with bangs is the best way to break up the face shape. “People with long faces should rock sweeping bangs,” Cornwell notes.


Kelly Osbourne’s Retro Bangs



Despite what you may think, straight bangs are actually perfect for round faces like Kelly’s. “Typically, a person with a round face can rock any type of bang shape. This face shape allows for a lot of room with different styles,” Cornwell says. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little!


Olivia Wilde’s Layered Bangs



Layers are a great way to soften a square jaw like Olivia’s and add volume to fine hair. If you want bangs but you’re worried about your tresses looking flat and lifeless, a bit of layering will help you pull off Olivia’s style.


Christina Hendrick’s Messy Bangs



You don’t always have to choose side-swept or straight-across when it comes to bang style. Christina Hendrick’s casual-cool messy bangs are perfect for girls with laid-back style. If you’re unsure what works best for you, don’t be afraid to ask. Cornwell says you should always ask your stylist to show you how to style your bangs after a new cut.