3 Cute Hairstyles Featuring Hair Ribbons

by Ulrika Edler

3 Cute Hairstyles Featuring Hair Ribbons

Does your everyday hair need a pick-me-up? Consider a hair accessory! Accessorizing is all about making a hairstyle more interesting, fun and cute, so check out these three ways you can work colorful ribbons into your next ‘do.


I love to accessorize my hair in different ways, and one of my favorite ways to do it is with hair ribbons. Some may say ribbons are for little girls, but I don’t feel that ribbons are off-limits for adults. I find them cute and chic if you do them the right way. You can vary the color of the ribbon to make it stand out or pick one close to your hair tone to wear in a discreet way. I’ll show you here three of my favorite ways to incorporate a ribbon into your hair!


Braided Ponytail with Ribbon



1. Braided ponytail with a bow


I love the look of a braided ponytail (or any braid for that matter) with a ribbon tied in a bow at the end to finish it off. This braid is a basic three-strand braid but with one strand a little thinner than the other two. Once you’ve finished braiding, gently tug on the thicker strands to create volume to replicate this look.



Ponytail with Texture and Ribbon



2. Ponytail with texture and a ribbon halfway down


Pull all your hair into a ponytail high on your head. If you don’t already have curls or waves in your hair, use a curling iron to add them now. Don’t be too neat with it; the mix of a messy pony with a polished ribbon is super chic. If you want, hide the elastic by twisting some hair around it and securing it with a bobby pin. Now tie the ribbon into a bow halfway down, and pull on the upper part of the ponytail to get some volume there.



Crown Braid with Ribbon




3. Crown braid with a ribbon incorporated into it


This is one of my favorite looks! Loop an elastic the same color as your hair around a small piece of hair where you want the crown braid to start. Pull a long ribbon through the elastic, and tighten the elastic so it holds the ribbon in place. Then incorporate the ribbon into one strand of your three-strand braid.



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