3 Fast and Fun Hairstyles for Dirty Hair

by admin

3 Fast and Fun Hairstyles for Dirty Hair

I am a fan of dirty hair! Not only are the natural oils from your hair good for hair growth, but also refraining from blow drying, curling and straightening hair daily can prevent damage and help you get those long, luscious locks. Plus, having a few great-looking hairstyles for dirty hair makes it easier to get out of the house on busy mornings. Try one of these fun updos: No one will ever know you have dirty hair.

Hairstyles for dirty hair do not have to be complicated. I usually stick to updos and add twists and braids for interest. But before I begin to style, I always start with dry shampoo to absorb extra oils. It's a hair refreshener, to be certain. Here are 3 quick and easy hairstyles for dirty hair.

Twisted Messy Bun

1. Twisted Messy Bun
For this hairstyle, I started with a center part, although it would look equally great with a side part. I started twisting the left side, starting from the part and working down. Once I twist down to the side of my head, I put a hair tie on the twist to hold it until I finish the other side. Then do the same thing to the other side: Start twisting from the part, but this time twist down the side of the head and around the back. Once you reach the other twist on the left side of the head, take both twisted sections in one hand. Scrunch up your hair, and twist a clear elastic around the hair, creating a messy bun. Secure any fly-aways with bobby pins.

Twisted Milkmaid Braid

2. Twisted Milkmaid Braid
The second of my favorite hairstyles for dirty hair starts the same way as the previous one. Start with a center part, and separate hair onto each side of the neck. Now split each section in two. Twist both sections in the same direction, and once you have twisted to the end, wrap the twists around each other and secure with a clear elastic. Do the same thing to the other sections on the right side. Take each twist braid, and wrap it around the top of the head. Secure with bobby pins.

Messy Top Knot

3. Messy Top Knot
This hairstyle is so simple that you will never want to do a topknot any other way. Brush hair back into a high pony. Take the hair tie, and act like you are making a pony tail. Instead of pulling the hair through into a pony, though, leave a loop of hair sticking up. Take the tail of the remaining hair, wrap it around the loop and secure with a bobby pin. This method makes any type of hair look thick and full.