30 Best Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

by Emily Gregor

30 Best Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair, don't care! Look fab for prom night no matter how short your locks are with these 30 epic prom hairstyles for short hair. From chin-length to pixie cut, these short hair looks are sure to get you inspired.


Sleek French Twist



If your short hair is close to chin-length, a French twist is a chic style to try. Bobby pins and hairspray are all you need to create this classic prom hairstyle from Byrdie.


Beachy Waves



If you want to go for an effortless look on prom night, try these beachy waves from ANH CO TRAN.


Headband Style



Sometimes all you need for a killer prom look is a classic headband. Give your hair some texture, and add a headband that complements your dress for a look you won’t forget. Check out the full tutorial on XO Vain.


Accessorized Updo



No matter what your length, adding an accessory will ensure that your prom look makes a statement. This look from Style Me Pretty is easy and sure to impress.


Half-Up Knot



Try this cute half-up, half-down prom hairstyle by Treasures & Travels for a look that’s classy, chic, and easy.


Quick Rolled and Braided Updo



For short hair, creativity is key when it comes to creating a style that will make a lasting impression. This tutorial by The Wonder Forest makes for a prom hairstyle that incorporates both braids and twists.


Braided Updo



For short hair that’s close to chin-length, try this braided updo by Twist Me Pretty for a prom hairstyle that is guaranteed to stay out of your face.


Fishtail Braid Half Updo



A fishtail braid and two smaller braids combine to create this classy prom hairstyle by The Beauty Department.


Waterfall Braid



How To Chic has the perfect tutorial if your hair is short but you still have enough to do a quick and easy braid. This waterfall style is versatile and makes for a glam prom hairstyle.





For an edgy prom hairstyle, try these cornrow braids by Byrdie.


Knotted Updo



Add some texture to your hair before you put it up in this edgy knotted updo by The Beauty Department. A French braid in the front and twists in the back make for a prom hairstyle sure to keep heads turning.


Sectioned-Off Braided Updo



For all you braid experts out there, this prom hairstyle is for you. Hair Romance created this braided updo with added volume and texture that your date is guaranteed to love.


Messy Braided Crown



Messy but managed, this braided crown by The Wonder Forest is a glam prom hairstyle for short hair.


Tousled Waves



Romantic and chic, this prom hairstyle by Ms LaBelle Mel is perfect for the girl on the go.


Full Side Braids



Hair Romance has the secret to getting full side braids with short hair. Add texture and hairspray for a glam prom look.


Teased French-Braided Twist



All you need for this prom hairstyle is a teasing comb, hairspray, bobby pins, and hair elastics. Using a twist-and-pin method, create this style by The Beauty Department for a chic look that will stay put all night.


Snake Braid



Switch up a regular side braid with this snake braid tutorial by Barefoot Blonde. Easy and sophisticated, it’s a braid you can use even after prom is long gone.


Twisted Chignon



Combine twists and knots to create this messy updo that’s perfect for prom. See the full tutorial on Divine Caroline, and get inspired!


Faux Hawk



Show off your dark side with this edgy prom hairstyle by XO Vain. Simply grease up your hair, and style it into a faux hawk to get the cool-girl look.


Faux Hawk with Dutch Braids



Upgrade your braided faux hawk with this tutorial by Hair Romance. After you finish your French braid, add a smaller Dutch braid on both sides of your hair to make the faux hawk really stand out.


Double-Braided Gibson Tuck



This hairstyle is quick and easy and a perfect prom hairstyle for short hair. See the full tutorial at Uber Chic for Cheap for a prom look that is sure to wow.


Twisted Buns



Bring your prom style front and center with these romantic twists by A Beautiful Mess.


Boho Curls



Get a relaxed look with these easy waves by Ma Nouvelle Mode. This prom hairstyle will give you a classy and effortless look you can wear all night long.


Double Halo Braids



With short hair, it’s easier to create a halo braid if you use multiple braids to get the look. Check out this prom hairstyle by Hello October for a look that will let you dance the night away.


Double-Dutch Braid



Double-Dutch is for more than just the playground. Try this Double-Dutch braid by Barefoot Blonde for a glam prom hairstyle for short hair.





Whether you’re rockin’ your natural texture or styled strands, try this pompadour by Tracee Ellis Ross for a prom hairstyle that is guaranteed to make a statement.


Volumized Ponytail



Second-day hair and dry shampoo will give you the texture you need to create this volumized ponytail by Keiko Lynn. Great for the girl who’s going for the sporty-chic look, this prom hairstyle is sure to work for your short strands.


Twisted Updo



Whether your hair is natural or relaxed, this effortless prom hairstyle by Gorgeous In Grey is sure to be one of your new favorites.


Triple-Twist Updo



Prom hairstyles for short hair can be hard to find, but Ma Nouvelle Mode makes it easy with this simple triple-twist updo.


Pin Curls



For a retro look, check out this tutorial by The Freckled Fox for a classic prom style.