Affordable Hair Tools for an At-Home Blowout

by admin

Affordable Hair Tools for an At-Home Blowout

Love that star-worthy salon blowout but can’t afford the regular blow to your wallet? No worries! We’ve discovered the best affordable hair tools to help you master an at-home blowout that won’t fall flat.


Volumizing Mousse



Post-shower, towel off your hair to remove excess water. Remember to gently squeeze the hair in the towel rather than rubbing to minimize breakage. Then, massage a small dollop of mousse through your roots. We like this affordable volumizing mousse from Tresemme because its lightweight and OK for every day use. It delivers a light hold, which is perfect when soft, bouncy waves are what you're after.

For an added shield against humidity, fight frizz with a volumizing serum. Pump a dime-size amount onto your hand and smooth through your hair from about the mid point where hair tends to get flyaway.


Ceramic Ionic Hairdryer



For long-term hair protection, use a ceramic ionic dryer, which is designed to minimize heat damage. This blow dryer gets rave reviews from beauty bloggers and consumers alike who say it does the job of many more pricey models. At the beginning of your blowout, forget the brush and use your fingers to work the hair until it’s about halfway dry. 


Hair Clips



When you’re at the halfway mark, grab a hair clip and section your hair into thirds: bottom, top, and crown. The crown is the most important section to build volume, so be sure to style this area first. These clips get high marks for their ability to stay put even in thick hair.


Round Boar-Bristle Brush



To get a smooth finish, you’ll need a proper brush. A round boar-bristle brush helps give your hair shine and the bristles gently pick up and redistribute natural scalp oils to smooth and protect your tresses. For short to medium lengths, go with a smaller brush width. You can spend a lot of money for a boar-bristle brush, but this inexpensive version will do the trick for most.


Hot Rollers



To master the va-va-voom volume look around your crown, secure hair around warm rollers to set. This compact, made-for-traveling set gets high marks for their ease-of-use and low price, but women with extra long hair may find there aren't enough in the set to do the job without doing it in two rounds.


Finishing Hairspray



You're almost done! Run your fingers through your hair and use a finishing hairspray to lock your layers in place. This budget-minded hairspray will keep its hold even in the most humid of climates.


Shine Spray



Still craving more swoon-worthy shine? Try a shine spray like this low-cost one to fight frizz all day. Spray an ultra fine mist for a finishing touch. Voilà!