All-in-One Hair Products Perfect for Quick Mornings

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All-in-One Hair Products Perfect for Quick Mornings

Power through the AM without breaking the bank. 

We’re big proponents of multitasking beauty products to streamline getting ready each day. Plus, having fewer items makes your beauty arsenal more efficient. Depending on your type of hair, the ritual of washing, drying and styling can result in a whole cabinet full of products from repairing oil to volumizing mousse, all needed just to get you back to "normal" and out the door. Gone are the days of scoffing at shampoo-and-conditioner combos as new all-in-one miracle hair care formulas emerge on the market promising to improve shine, moisturize, and reduce the need to wash hair more than two times a week.

1. Miracle Hair Treatment 

Like the company’s name suggests, Black 15in1’s Miracle Hair Treatment targets fifteen hair ailments, doing everything from frizz control and protecting color from UV light to soothing dry scalps and adding volume. A combo of silk proteins, keratin, pro-vitamin B5, antioxidants and green tea along with aloe vera leave all hair types shiny and full of body. $10-20

2. Magic Water

Sage leaf and rosemary extracts hydrate and protect hair while maximum shine is achieved through soybean extract in Yoshi’s Magic Water from Beverly Hills’ Yoshi Hair Studio. This weightless amino ion water treatment removes odor, oil and product buildup, making it a perfect precursor for blow drying just-washed hair or as an quick way to clean and renew greasy hair (think of it as an alternative to dry shampoo in between washes). Its alkaline consistency neutralizes hair’s pH level, opening the cuticle and allowing vitamins, proteins and minerals to penetrate deeper. $14

3. Conditioning Cleanser

Cut down on shower time with Healthy Hair Nutrition Conditioning Cleanser, a lather-free single step shampoo/conditioner/deep conditioner/detangler from Salon Grafix. The sulfate- and paraben-free formula removes dirt and grease but doesn’t strip hair of its natural oils. The color-safe, citrus-scented cream conditions damaged hair from roots to tips. $6.99