Amp Up the Romance with this Bohemian-Chic Faux Braid

by admin

Amp Up the Romance with this Bohemian-Chic Faux Braid

Don't you just love this pretty bohemian hairstyle? The best part about this "braid" is that there is no braiding required.

Story Image Bohemian Braid

This look is beautiful, soft, and perfect for warm weather. I can just see it paired with a boho dress and sandals on a warm summer day or with a more formal spring dress at your bestie's wedding. Wear it with flowing, loose dresses and off-the-shoulder tops for that cute, casual bohemian vibe that goes so well with the season! The best part of this hairstyle is that it's so easy to make. I like a full-looking hairstyle so I used my clip-on hair extensions for extra volume, but that is not at all necessary! To get the loose, laid-back feeling, your hair needs some length, but you can definitely get it on medium-length hair too; just do the twists closer together.

Follow the steps below to re-create the look:

Bohemian Hair Steps 1-2

1. This is optional, but I like this hairstyle with a pretty headband! Create a section just above the nape of the neck, and put on the headband. Arrange it nicely in the front, and make sure no hair is tangled up in it.

2. Take a section of hair from each side, and secure it in the back with a small elastic. Use a clear elastic if you have light hair and a dark elastic if you have dark hair.

Bohemian Hair Steps 3-4

3. Twist the hair around the elastic from out to in. Now you have your first twist.

4. Repeat the same movement under the first twist to make a second twist. Continue like this all the way down. How many times you do it depends on the length of your hair.

Bohemian Hair Steps 5-6

5. When you reach the end, secure it with an elastic.

6. Then make a final twist.

That's it! Now you have a pretty bohemian hairstyle ready to be paired with your favorite boho-chic outfits. For more tutorials like this, visit Ulrika at Yet Another Beauty Site.