Best Black Hairstyles: 12 Celebrity Looks that Rock

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Best Black Hairstyles: 12 Celebrity Looks that Rock

Many black celebrities are known for donning somewhat signature hairstyles that fit their ever-changing personalities. From Cassie's half-shaved mohawk to Rihanna's, well, anything, some of our favorite black celebrities have been major hair trendsetters. 


Michelle Obama’s Honey Highlighted Hairstyle



First up, the First Lady. After spending just eight months trying out blunt bangs, Mrs. Obama has opted for yet another look. But wait, what's this? Auburn and honey highlights. Whattt! We absolutely love the subtlety of the color and how it brings so much light to her perfectly coiffed mane. We're happy she said bye-bye to those bangs.


Ciara’s Black & Blonde Hairstyle



Recently, Ciara has become the ultimate stylish trendsetter. She rocked the blonde bob way before Bey. And in early August, she switched it up for long black hair, that’s totally sultry and fall-ready. It’s like her relationship with Future has given her the power to see into the future. All we know is that whatever she does next, we’re doing. Let’s just hope she doesn’t decide to go for the bald look.


Esperanza Spalding’s Full Afro



Not many jazz bassists look like Esperanza Spalding. With an impeccably executed ‘fro reminiscent of Erykah Badu, women in the curly hair world have always loved her. Spalding is very open about her dislike for relaxers and how difficult natural black hair can be. This is the only way she’s ever worn it, and she loves that her hair is yet another way she can express herself. More power to you, girl!


Paula Patton’s Half-up Hairstyle



Everyone secretly envies Paula Patton. She’s drop-dead gorgeous, has a successful acting career, and she’s married to Robin Thicke (enough said). Paula is known for her long brown locks, and we loved her hair from the 2013 ESPY awards. She wore her bangs half up, letting her loose curls lay effortlessly. That’s the hair of a woman who’s not afraid of Miley stealing her man. 


Rihanna’s Short Pixie Hairstyle



Rihanna is known for her addiction to playing with different styles. From what she wears to the way she lives, she’s come a long way from the innocent little island girl that wowed us with “Pon De Replay” back in 2005. Let’s be honest: in the past few years, she’s gone through a lot of hairstyles. We like her best with a closely cropped style. The black pixie cut that badgirlriri has worn on and off is just as strong and fierce as she is. I mean, not even Queen B could handle that short of a cut.


Zoe Saldana’s Long & Wavy Hairstyle



Part of being the perfect girl next door is having perfect hair. Like Zoe Saldana. This Trekkie always looks just the right amount of done-up. Her look at the 2013 VMAs was no exception. We aren’t sure about her outfit, but we loved her simple middle part and loose curls. This kind of style really shows off her natural beauty instead of weighing it down with huge hair. She paired this highly do-able hairstyle with a bright red lip, giving her a look that anyone can recreate. 


Solange Knowles’ Short Tight Afro



The Knowles sisters are both known for having very different hairstyles. When you think of Beyonce, her long golden tresses come to mind. Solange, on the other hand, reps Team Curly with her evenly tamed ‘fro. Solange forgets the weave and goes au natural for a look that’s totally chic and accessible to anyone. We like it because it can translate well, from the red carpet to running errands. But don’t be fooled, having natural black hair is no walk in the park. She takes extra care of her 'fro and it’s paying off. 


Janelle Monae’s Twisted Updo



If you haven’t been introduced to this new CoverGirl and her retro-chic look, now’s the time. Monae, a 27-year-old R&B artist, has created a signature look that has ties reaching back to the 18th century. Her signature pompadour complements the extremely well-tailored suits and structured jackets that she loves. We find this black hairstyle so sophisticated but wonder, exactly how many bobby pins does she use to get it to stay?


Halle Berry’s Spiked Pixie Hairstyle



It should go without saying that Halle Berry is easily one of the most beautiful women alive. She doesn’t seem to age and looks amazing pregnant. One of the things we find most amazing? She is one of the few women who can—and has for many years—rock the super short pixie look. Her signature style is composed of a slightly tousled cut that goes from straight black to a warm chestnut with candy caramel highlights. This hairstyle suits her so nicely, whether she’s showing it off on the red carpet or it has it tucked away under a chic mommy-on-the-go fedora.  


Beyonce’s Blonde Bob



No one ever thought that the day would come, but the long, golden-blonde waves that make Beyonce Queen B are no more. Although we weren't enthused (or surprised) that after just one week, Beyonce traded in her pixie for a weave, we do like her edgy blonde bob. When the first pictures of her new hairstyle were released, it took us a minute to adjust. But we quickly fell in love with this look—especially the dark roots. The cut really frames her face, showing off her features above the waist. 


Corinne Bailey Rae’s Loose Curl Hairstyle



Singer Corinne Bailey Rae has a look that can’t really be replicated. When we were first introduced to the sweet voice of the British singer/songwriter, her hair was much shorter, but the beautiful natural curls were still there. Seven years later, her gorgeous curls are longer and better than ever. The no-frizz volume is what gets us. We love how smooth it looks and how much of it there is. She’s a great example of what natural black hair can really do. And we want to know her secret


Jessica White’s Long & Straight Hairstyle



If you’ve ever peeked into the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, you’ve seen the beautiful Jessica White. Her look is very reminiscent of Naomi Campbell, right down to the piercing eyes. Jessica was originally featured in the 2003 SI Swimsuit Issue with nappy curls, but has since then been shot with ass-touching long black hair. We think her look is that of a classic super model: very long, sleek and straight with a simple middle part. Not everyone can pull of this look, but she does it with ease.