Best Braided Hairstyles From the NYFW Runways

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Best Braided Hairstyles From the NYFW Runways

Braided hairstyles were a favorite on the Spring 2015 NYFW runways, and we're not just talking about the classic, three-strand braid. Whether you prefer messy and oversized or intricate and modern, braids are everything this season. Click through to see our favorite styles from from the shows with bonus tips to help you re-create the look.


Tadashi Shoji’s Sleek Braided Chignon



Tadashi Shoji showed us that braids are not just for hippies; they also can be styled for the chic glamour girl! Rodney Cutler created this stunning braided chignon. The chignon can be traced back to the Victorian era and comes from the French word “chignon du cou,” which means nape of the neck. He achieved this style by creating a defined center part and securing the hair into a tight ponytail. He then braided the ponytail and pulled it to the left side of the head and back towards the right, pinning in place. A little spritz of Redken Fashion Work Versatile Working Spray to lock it in and you’re ready for a gala…or even work!


Mara Hoffman’s Oversize Braids



The braids seen at the Mara Hoffman show were oversized, messy and effortless. Her bohemian, cool-girl vibe was interpreted with what head stylist Nick Irwin likes to call a “destroyed desert braid.” A personal favorite of ours, this style was achieved by first creating a matte texture with CATWALK by TIGI Transforming Dry Shampoo. The hair was then separated into three sections and braided into a loose ponytail. Next came the fun part…the hair was kneaded, allowing front sections to fall forward. The loose strands were then wrapped around the braid and finished off with CATWALK by TIGI Series Work It Hairspray. It’s safe to say that we’ll be sporting this look during festival season next year!


David Tlale’s Crimped Conrow Braid Look



The simplest braid came with the most dramatic overall hairstyle, David Tlale and Ursula Stephen of Motions Hair Salon paired up to create a crimped faux bob with a cornrow braid center part inspired by Tlale’s South African heritage. Stephen’s first started by braiding down the center part using the classic cornrow braid technique, Motions Shine Enhancing Pomade was used to get a better grip on the thin strands of hair. The hair was then sectioned off, flipped under and secured with bobby pins to create a faux bob look. A crimping iron was used to give additional texture. Motions Light Hold Working Spritz was the final touch to this striking runway look. Try this at home without using the crimping iron…a straight faux bob will be less dramatic yet oh-so fashion forward and chic!


Tanya Taylor’s Loose Pigtail Braids



Allen Wood of Bumble and bumble drew inspiration from dolls for his loose, draped braids and we love how easily this style could make its way from the Fashion Week to Friday night! This is a style that says “I’m lookin’ good without tryin’ to hard,” and we’re digging it. To create the look, Wood parted the models’ hair down the center and applied a thickening hairspray to the roots for texture and volume, but used a flat brush to smooth sections and give the hair a silky surface finish. After dividing the hair into two sections, stylists loosely braided each one, starting near the clavicle bone to get the boho vibe shown. Secure the ends with a clear elastic or tie matching your hair color and hit it with a bit of finishing spray. Bam.


Alice + Olivia’s Braided Silk Chignons



OK, so a braided chignon isn’t exactly a new hairstyle, but with the addition of a silky scarf, Schwarzkopf professional brand ambassador Michael Dueñas was able to create a spin on this classic that’s worth stealing. To create the look, the team started by prepping model’s dry hair with a OSIS+ Grip Extreme Hold Mousse for control and shine and parting the hair down the middle. Then they gathered the hair at the nape of the neck in a low tight ponytail—leaving out two sections on either side of the pony near the front hairline for a softer look—and secured it an elastic band. The team then folded a silk scarf to match the length of the hair in the ponytail and pulled it through the elastic to secure it to the base of the pony. Then they split the ponytail hair into two sections and used the scarf as the third to create a standard, three-strand braid. The completed braid was wrapped into a tight bun, the scarf ends tucked inside, and the whole thing secured with bobby pins and a spritz of OSIS+ Elastic Flexible Hold Hairspray.


Rachel Zoe’s Micro Braid Ponytails



Zoe’s ’60s-inspired braided look wasn’t as over the top as some others, but we love it for it’s simple intricacy and it’s über wearable. To create the look, L’Oréal Professionnel artist Pepper Pastor prepped the model’s hair with L’Oréal Professionnel Densité to add density and detangle strands and parted the hair straight down the middle. Next she split the hair into two sections at the ear and pulled the back section into a low ponytail, keeping some volume at the crown. Then she split the front sections on each side of the part into two pieces and created two small tight braids with the sections closest to the ponytail, leaving the sections closest to the face loose. Pastor then pulled the braids to the back and pinned them at the top of the ponytail, letting the ends hang loose. After brushing and smoothing the remaining front sections, those were also pulled toward the back in a soft wave and pinned as well. To finish, the loose strands of hair and the braids were woven intoa three-strand braid and the ends secured with an elastic. The look was finished with a hit of L’Oréal Professionnel Perfect Shimmer shine spray and L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium 3 hairspray.


Marissa Webb’s Braided Pompadour



The braided pompadour hairstyles at Marissa Webb’s show were created by Tresemmé stylist Jeanie Syfu and designed to complement the “downtown” vibe of the collection. We love the idea of rocking this look to a concert or club. Best thing about it? Doesn’t have to be perfect to look awesome. Syfu started the look by creating the fullness needed for the pompadour by working Tresemmé 24 Hour Body Mousse into damp hair and doing a rough blow dry on the ends to add volume and texture and using a round brush to create fullness at the crown. Then she sectioned off the center portion of the hair a few inches above the nape, clipping the center section out of the way and leaving the two side sections down. Syfu then started a Dutch braid on one side of the head, starting at the temple and working down and around to one side, securing the ends with a clear elastic. She created another Dutch braid on the other side and joined the two for double-braid look that’s far from Pippi Longstockings!


Suno’s Herringbone Braids



The Suno runway show featured an intricate glossy herringbone braid better known as…the classic fishtail braid! Head hair stylist Odile Gilbert used Kerastase Form Fatale Gel to create a voluminous, wet look. The front was combed back giving the appearance of a sleek polished hairstyle. The fishtail braid itself was loosened and deconstructed to give it that "lived in" feel. The look was finished off with Gloss Appeal top coat giving it mirror like shine! This regal look is perfect for a fancy date night out!


Dannijo’s Tribal Fishtail Braid



The Dannijo sisters paired up with Redken head hairstylist Rodney Culter to create this beautiful warrior-esque fishtail braid. This particular style was inspired by travel and the American West and designed to compliment Dannijo’s tribal collection. Culter first straightened the hair and pulled it into a slicked back, middle-of-the-head ponytail. The top half of the pony tail was woven into a fishtail braid then secured with an elastic band. The bottom half was flat ironed and finished off with Redken Fashion Work 12 Versatile Working Spray. This particular style is great for everyday wear and can be styled as is!