The Best Braided Hairstyles to Steal from the Red Carpet

by Alisha Humiston

The Best Braided Hairstyles to Steal from the Red Carpet

Braids are definitely a hairstyle staple, and nobody does the ‘do better than these celebrities. Check out their gorgeous red carpet braided updos and get inspiration for your next night out.


Maria Menounos



Maria’s braided hairstyle steals the show on the red carpet. This look combines elements of a French braided headband as well as a classic dutch braided look.


Dania Ramirez



This braided look is just messy enough to give it a boho, laidback vibe. The multi-tone hair color also helps to create more interest and depth. This braid is a must for anyone who wants to show off the contrast in their ombre.


Katherine McNamara



Recreate this fairy tale braided look with ease by scattering a variety of braids in with different sizes and directions. For a more beachy look, lightly curl your hair before attempting any braids. Your prince charming is sure to follow.


Riley Keough



This loose french braid is perfect for carefree, everyday wear. Riley Keough makes the style more formal with the added volume at the base of the braid.


Olivia Munn



Olivia Munn dominated the red carpet while sporting this boxer braids. The tight and polished braids were essential in creating this overall chic look.


La La Anthony



Business in the front, party in the back. This sleek bun has more depth than what first meets the eye. The secret is to make it the french braid as tight as possible so the hairstyle is cohesive.


Jackie Cruz



Stop traffic with this edgy braided look. Similar to La La Anthony’s previous braided-bun style, this ‘do incorporates several french braids ending in two smaller buns. Even though the style is more intricate, it is executed similarly.


Tatiana Dyagileva



Forget the basic pinned back look, step it up a notch by incorporating delicate French braids to hold the hair back for you. This look gives you the extra oomph without putting much time into it.


Olivia Wilde



This braid is a basic side french braid that is rolled on itself to achieve the low chignon. For a more casual look, ditch the braided chignon and substitute it with a simple pony or messy bun.


Ashley James



This look combines boxer braids and cornrows into a chic, half-up hairstyle. The depth of the braid will draw eyes from the base of towards the end for the appearance of a slimmer face shape.


Blake Lively



Blake Lively is hands down queen of the slept-in, but still gorgeous hairstyles and this fishtail braid is no exception. Get a similar look by starting with volume around the face and crown, gather hair into a low and loose position and start fishtail braiding. As a finishing touch, pull wispies out wherever you see fit.





Shakira takes the side pony to the next level with this braided style. Get this look by splitting your French braid along the edge of your hairline, starting at the part and ending where you wish to have the base of your side braid. There should be two separate french braids that will eventually join into one for the side braid.


Janelle Monáe


Leon Bennett | Getty Images


Janelle Monáe is the queen of the braid game, and this massive beauty of a braid should convince any skeptic that she’s the real deal. To attempt this braid for the ages, take all of your hair and pile it on top of your head. Attach extensions where needed, and French braid the lower section of your hair while creating a faux hawk at the crown.