The 10 Best Diffusers for Curly Hair, From Attachments to Hair Dryer Sets

by Laura Fisher

The 10 Best Diffusers for Curly Hair, From Attachments to Hair Dryer Sets

Image Credits: Unsplash

I used to consider having curly hair a curse. Through high school and college, I would beat my curls into submission with Japanese straightening treatments, flat irons, round brushes, and hours upon hours of styling. Even into my early 30s, I didn’t know how to deal with my naturally thick, kinky, and sometimes frizzy hair. I distinctly remember letting my hair air dry before meeting some friends at a movie, only to have one of them gasp upon seeing me and exclaim: “What happened to you?!” Needless to say, my hair doesn’t exactly dry into the perfect ringlets people think of when they proclaim how much they wish they had curly hair.


Over the past few years, I’ve picked up a few styling tips that make it so that I can wear my hair curly without eliciting shock and disbelief from those around me. Part of it comes down to finding the right lotion or gel for your hair type, which is a conversation for another day. The other game changer for me was finding the best diffusers for curly hair to attach to my blow dryer.


You might be wondering, is it better to air dry or diffuse curly hair? It really depends on your hair type and how much time you have. Diffusing can help set your curls, cutting down on frizz and helping your ‘do holds its shape. I don’t mind my hair when I let it air dry, but the main problem I have is that you CANNOT TOUCH your locks as they dry unless you want to end up with a frizzy jumble on top of your head. I find it tough to go out with a sopping wet head and avoid moving it around, so I prefer to diffuse before I head out the door. Drying my hair also allows me to make any last-minute styling edits, like adding a little oil or curling a few ringlets that didn’t spiral the way I wanted them to. If you have curly hair that you want to wear naturally, it’s good to have both options to air dry and diffuse, and the tools on hand to do both. Here are the 10 best diffusers for curly hair to help tame your unruly mane.


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Image Credits: Ulta

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and Attachments


The Dyson dryer-and-diffuser duo finally made me believe I could actually wear my hair curly without looking like a poodle caught in a windstorm. This hair dryer set from appliance superstar Dyson has attachments for all hair types, curly included. The small, powerful motor with Dyson’s specially-engineered air technology dries hair quickly, cuts down on frizz, and reduces damage from heat styling. The diffuser easily attaches to the dryer with a magnet so you can easily volumize and gently dry your curls or even add a little extra texture to straighter locks.

Image Credits: Nordstrom

DevaCurl DevaDryer and DevaFuser Hair Dryer Set


DevaCurl is known for being the curl-master, and this hair dryer and diffuser set doesn’t break the mold. The hand-shaped diffuser attachment gives 360 degrees of gentle air flow to help your curls dry with less frizz and stay intact for longer. Reviewers credit the unique shape of the diffuser attachment for helping them get sought-after lift and volume at their crown.

Image Credits: Bed Bath & Beyond

Conair Pro Interchangeable 3-in-1 Diffuser


Easily change out your diffuser type with this universal 3-in-1 attachment. Whether you want just a gentle air flow or two types of finger diffusers to lift and volumize, this multifunctional tool from popular drugstore brand Conair has you covered.

Image Credits: Sephora

Bio Ionic Universal Diffuser


This curl diffuser is ultra lightweight, which can be a huge benefit if you have long, thick hair that takes a while to dry (unless you’re looking for a killer biceps workout). It fits all Bio Ionic hair dryers as well as most other brands' standard models.

Image Credits: Bed Bath & Beyond

BaByliss Italian Series Snap-On Diffuser


The BaByliss Italian Series was created to reflect the ultimate style that Italy is known for. This curl diffuser fits with the hair dryers in the Italian line to bring that same high fashion to your mane, delivering superior air flow and stiff fingers to help lift and tousle curls without adding dreaded frizz.

Image Credits: Overstock

Elchim 2001 Milano Cocoon Bi-Diffuser


The two-piece design of this diffuser for curly hair provides options for both thin and thick hair types. Leave the cap on to mitigate the flyaways that often result from drying fine hair, and expose the teeth underneath to get the traditional lift that you expect from a diffuser attachment.

Image Credits: Revolve

Amika Mighty Mini Dryer


In addition to being the cutest blow dryer out there, this drying and diffusing combo is an ideal travel companion. Don’t be fooled by its compact size, though — it’s quite powerful and it’s the perfect companion when you need to diffuse on the road. Stylish, convenient, and effective… what else could you want in a curl diffuser?

Image Credits: Sephora

Drybar The Bouncer Diffuser


If there is one company that women trust for smooth blowouts, it’s Drybar. Now, you can have professional-quality hair at home with this universal diffuser attachment, which fits most standard blow dryers. Its large head covers a lot of surface area, which makes this curl diffuser a good choice for long or thick hair.

Image Credits: Bed Bath & Beyond

Conair Pro Mitt Diffuser


This unique, mesh diffusing mitt has a soft elastic band that slips over even hard-to-fit hair dryers. Its compact, soft shape makes it a great travel companion as well as space saver, plus there's no risk of parts breaking when you throw the curl diffuser in your bag on the go.