Best Hair Products for Fine Hair: Liven Up Your Limp Locks

by admin

Best Hair Products for Fine Hair: Liven Up Your Limp Locks

Do you dream of loads of volume and a thicker hair texture? Me too, and thank God there are so many wonderful hair products for fine hair on the market. Body boosters like root lifters, mousses, salt sprays, micro powders, and dusts can turn our limp locks into voluminous hair in a matter of minutes. Today my fine-haired females, I want to go over some those hair-bodifying products with you.

Let's first talk about root lifters. Root lifters are products that you spray directly at the roots for texture and lift. When using root lifters, it's important to use them on towel-dried hair, to apply directly at the roots, and to blow dry your hair the opposite way it's going to lay for amplified volume. Root lifters I crave are Root Boost by Catwalk, Volumizing Mist by Oribe, and Lift Vertige by Kerastase.

Mousse isn’t just a blast from the past ladies. Though we typically think of '80s and '90s hair when we hear the word mousse, that's not always the case. Mousse can help your fine hair go from flat to full in a matter of minutes. Apply mousse directly to your towel-dried hair from roots to ends. I recommend using a round brush for maximum fullness while blow drying. Mousses to try would be Volumeifique by Kerastase, Volume Mousse by Label M, or Thickening Full Foam by Bumble & Bumble

We typically think of beach waves when we think or mineral or salt sprays. But did you know that salt sprays can be added to the hair for texture and some mega fullness? Spritz a little salt spray into your hair while wet or dry and use a blow dryer to dry your locks. Then watch your limp hair go from soft to gritty. That salty, gritty texture will give you some umph all day long. I prefer Bumble & Bumbles Salt Spray or Kerastases Spray a Porter Salt Spray.

Micro dusts are my best friend and they can be yours too. Sprinkle a bit of dust at your lifeless roots and watch your roots grow. Micro dust coarsens your hair's texture at the root area, creating lots of lift and volume. If you haven't invested in one of these bad boys, you need to now! Some of my favs are Sugar Dust by Tigi, Ressurection Style Dust by Label M, and Schwarzkopf Osis Dust It Mattifying Powder.

So there you have it, simple ways to go from drab to fab in a matter of minutes. What are you waiting for my fine-haired friends? Go grab some fun new products today and give your limp locks a boost!

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