Winter Hat Hairstyles Every Beauty Vlogger Is Talking About

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Winter Hat Hairstyles Every Beauty Vlogger Is Talking About

Baby, it's cold outside. Whether you like it or not, you're going to have to wear a hat to keep warm this winter, but your hair doesn't have to suffer for it.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but you still want your hair to be delightful, right? When the temperature plummets to freezing winter conditions, we all know it's impossible to forgo a hat for our health's sake. But no matter how cute your winter headwear is, it will most likely ruin your perfect coif over the course of a frigid day.

But fear not, ice queens, for we have found the most gorgeous and easily DIY-able hairstyles guaranteed to look extra chic under your beanies and floppy hats. Go on, the cold never bothered you anyway!

1. Rock A Regal Braid Like A True Frost Queen

YouTuber Kirsten Zellers is a living Queen Elsa, so it's natural her hair tutorial features her long, silvery locks wrapped into a braid worthy of an entire kingdom. If you consider yourself a hair guru, give this snow perfect look a try as well as her other super easy hairstyles!

2. Crush-Worthy Curls Perfect For Every Hat

Ever find yourself sporting your favorite chapeau, only to realize you're simply not doing your headwear any justice? YouTuber Kaylyn Nicholson knows how to pair her hairstyles with every hat she owns, and we're mega-obsessed with her wavy lob look perfect for snowy days. Be sure to give all of her looks a try!

3. Quick Cold Weather Buns You Can Whip Up In Minutes

Just because the sun rises earlier in the day doesn't mean you have any extra time to do a hairstyle suited for a warm hat. That's YouTube vlogger Kayley Melissa comes to save the day with her hair expertise tutorials. Her video shows you how to recreate the cutest messy bun duo sure to keep a smile on your face even in a huge snow storm. What more could you want?

4. Save A Bad Hair Day With These Beanie-Friendly Tousled Ponytails

Blizzarding cold weather, as hellish as it can be, does offer one bad hair day miracle: beanies. Nee of YouTube channel Bebexo styles her long hair four different ways to prevent unwanted tangles and hot hair messes on cold days. Watch her tutorial to learn how to create two tousled ponytails you'll want to wear year-round even without a hat.

5. Push Winter To The Side With A Side Braid

Give cold weather an even colder shoulder with a crazy intricate side braid sure to turn heads everywhere. Donna of YouTube channel Braidsandstyles12 adds extensions to her hair to create this madly gorgeous side braid. Did we mention this hairdo looks great under your beloved beanie?

5. A Natural Hairstyle Perfect For Beanies

YouTuber Lana Summer certainly knows how to get creative with her natural, luscious locks especially when the weather turns frosty. Her video features a gorgeous parted natural hairdo sweetly tucked into a satin-lined beanie to prevent damage. This girl has hair tips and style for literal days.

6. A Curly-Haired Braided Bun Every Ballerina Wants

Lisette of YouTube channel Luhhsetty knows not one, but ten different hairstyles all curly-haired girls should be attempting during the colder months of the year. She expertly weaves together a braided bun worthy of a freaking award you need to attempt yourself ASAP.

7. Throw Your Hair Into Your Hat For Safekeeping

Just because you have less hair to worry about doesn't mean styling your hair with a hat is any easier. Thankfully, YouTuber Tessa Holly has all the tips and tricks you need to master cute 'dos while keeping your head nice and toasty. If you're running especially short on time (and hair), Holly tucks her hair into her hat and pulls out two strands to create an urban look that keeps your head, hat and hair all cozied up together. It really doesn't get any easier or chicer than this.

Which hat-friendly hairstyles are you going to try? Don't worry, you've got all winter long to master each one.