Big Braids: How to Maximize Your Braid Size

by Ulrika Edler

Big Braids: How to Maximize Your Braid Size

While braids never really go out of style, big braids are certainly in the beauty spotlight right now. This is perfect if you already have thick hair, but not everyone is so lucky. If your hair is on the finer side, don’t worry; we have some tricks to pump up the volume on your plait.

Not everyone is blessed with the thick hair to make luxurious big braids. But there are some great ways to make your braid look bigger and more voluminous even if you have fine hair. You can decide if you want to leave your braid hanging down in all its glory or pin it up for an updo that’s sure to impress!


Big Braid: Step 1


1. Start by creating texture. If you can, try to create your big braid with second-day hair; it has more natural grip and texture. Then, if you don´t already have curly or wavy hair, create some texture with a curling iron. Don´t spend a lot of time on it; it doesn´t have to be neat.


Big Braid: Step 2


2. Use a dry shampoo, saltwater spray, or another texturizing spray that you have at home. Spray it all over your hair—more specifically, where the braid is going to be.


Big Braid: Step 3


3. Finally, start to braid. When you´re getting close to the end, stop. Holding the braid tight with one hand, pull on the outer edges of the braid, starting from the end and working your way up. This will give the braid more volume. Make it as messy as you like.


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