Bold Succulent Beauty Trends Are Sprouting Up Everywhere

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Bold Succulent Beauty Trends Are Sprouting Up Everywhere

Statement-making trends like succulent hair and nails are about to be huge.

If you're a person, who is interested in the more natural beauty looks, we have some new trends for you — and they are about as natural as it can get.

Succulents as part of our daily lives have been a trend for a while now. We've seen them used in hair crowns, as an up and coming home decor piece and on our favorite jewelry, but we're betting you've never seen them used like this. Succulent hair and nails are the newest beauty fashions to hit the internet, and while the upkeep is probably a little more hands-on than the actual water-once-a-month plant, these new trends are totally worth it.

Let's start with succulent hair. And before you jump ahead because you think you've got this one down, let us stop you. It's not just bobby-pinning some plants on top of your head and calling it a day. Succulent hair is actually a hair dyeing trend that uses the multicolored hues of succulents to layer your locks with desireably bold colors. It's a commitment, but if you take the leap, prepare to get all of the social media (and real life) love.


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However, if you're looking to rock the plant-inspired trend but wanting a little less of a commitment, we recommend sprouting some succulent nails. Thanks to Australian artist Roz Borg, you can now quite literally have a green thumb and look fabulous doing it. By applying baby succulents to a false nail and then attaching that to your real nail, you can create a jaw-dropping look that is unlike any other manicure you've ever had.

While fabulous but maybe not so functional — i.e. utilizing any practical technology is probably a no-go with these fingers — feel free to stick with some plant-inspired nail art to still get your green fix!


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Winter is definitely on its way, so whichever of these succulent trends you choose, they are sure to be wearable all year round!