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3 Simply Stunning Beach Hairstyles to Rock Seaside

It doesn't take a lot of work or extra time to create easy, summer hair. And we're not talking basic ponytails here. Try one of these three chic styles for beach hair you'll love—no matter where the water is.

Summer is all about casual ease. So it shouldn't take a lot of extra work or time to create your beach hair looks. I spend a lot of hot summer days at the beach, and after a while, I get bored with the same-old, same-old pony. That's why I created three hairstyles that will make your hair look easy, breezy, and super fun for summer!

Beach Hair Dutch Braid

1. The Dutch Braided Fringe
This is a great hairstyle if you are growing out bangs or just trying to get rid of hair falling in your face.

To get the look, start with a deep side part. Pick up three strands of hair from the fringe (or bang) area. This tutorial for making a double Dutch braid (also known as an inside-out French braid) will help. Continue the Dutch braid over the top of the head like a headband until you reach the ear. From there, do a classic three-strand braid without adding hair. Hide the end of the braid under some hair, and secure it with bobby pins. Now you have cute beach hair!

Beach Hair Fishtail Bun

2. Fishtail Braided Bun
This is a cute update on the top bun and great to wear on the beach if you don´t want your hair to get wet.

To get the look, start with a high ponytail. Divide the hair in the ponytail into two parts and start your fishtail braid by taking a small piece of hair from one part and join it with the other. This tutorial makes it easy. Continue like this all the way down until you reach the end of the ponytail. Secure with an elastic. Wrap the fishtail braid around the base of the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins.

Beach Hair Scarf

3. Scarf with Bohemian Braids
A scarf is a great way to protect your sensitive scalp from the hot sun.

To get the look, use whatever texture you have in your hair and make a couple of loose, three-strand braids to get a boho beach hair look. It doesn't matter what it looks like from the front, because you will be covering that up with a scarf. Choose a scarf, and fold it so it's in the shape of a triangle. Put it on your head with the widest part facing forward and tie the scarf on the side of your head; if the scarf is long, make a bow with the ends.

Ulrika Edler

Ulrika Edler is the creator of Yet Another Beauty Site, a site about beauty and fashion and with a passion for hair! As a certified makeup artist, a fashion stylist, and with training in hairstyling, she loves to share some tips and tricks and to do step-by-step tutorials. She mostly does the hair tutorials on her own hair but sometimes she convinces her sweet daughter to be her model to show some hairstyles for kids!

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