#BreakTheWalls: One Beauty Brand Is Pushing to Desegregate the Shampoo Aisle

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#BreakTheWalls: One Beauty Brand Is Pushing to Desegregate the Shampoo Aisle

SheaMoisture is joining with YouTubers and actresses to unite the hair products in the beauty section.

The beauty aisle is no place for segregation, but it's a very real problem in supermarkets across the country. This is why, on April 5, SheaMoisture launched an ad for a new product—and campaign—that attempts to blur and break the existing beauty lines. Designed to spread awareness, the #BreakTheWalls campaign addresses the division of the shampoo aisle into "beauty" products and "ethnic" products. This division wrongfully implies, of course, that different hair textures are not beautiful by definition.

"To be honest, we've dealt with it our whole lives," one woman says, "to the point of internalizing it."

"We just have been conditioned to go to the corner and find our spot where we've been placed," says another woman.

Recognizing the problem, SheaMoisture joined forces with popular natural hair YouTubers Naptural85, SunKissAlba, and MahoganyCurls to deliver a message of inclusion and self-love. And deliver they do! Together the commercial's cast literally breaks down the walls of the beauty aisle, revealing instead a united shelf with products for every hair type, as it should be.

"I think this campaign is helping to show: Love yourself. We're all the same," cast member Elu says. "Beauty is beauty."

Bravo, SheaMoisture. Beauty is beauty. We're glad to see products for everyone starting to show up together in the supermarket.