Celeb Hairstyles to Steal: Curly Hair

by Hilary Braaksma

Celeb Hairstyles to Steal: Curly Hair

Curly hair can be a catch 22: It’s one of the most coveted and admired hair textures, but finding a style to suit your naturally twisty tresses can be a struggle. Here are some of our favorite looks from curly-headed celebrities. Scroll through our slide show for the best long, medium, and short curly hairstyles!



Gigi Hadid


gig hadid


If your curls lean more toward waves, like model Gigi Hadid’s, long hair shouldn’t be too difficult to keep under wraps. Soft layers and frizz-control serum will keep your tresses looking beachy and relaxed rather than ragged and unkempt.




Taylor Swift


taylor swift


T. Swift has some of the most recognizable curls in the celeb world. She made her singing debut with long, spiraled blonde locks but has since opted for a shorter, sleeker ‘do. Taylor’s angled bob looks just as lovely straight as it does with a bit of natural texture.




Lupita Nyong’o


lupita nyongo


Lupita is the queen of the cropped ‘do, and her stylish look is proof that curly hair can look just as chic and feminine with a super-short cut. For tight and coarse curls like Lupita’s, a close-cut side with volume on top is the perfect curly-girl pixie cut.








Rihanna is a notorious hair chameleon, but we’ll always love her with long, loose curls. Long, curly hair is ideal for low-maintenance updos: A loose bun and a few face-framing tendrils have all the glamour of a barrel-curled style with a fraction of the effort.




Kat Graham


kat graham


Kat Graham is proof that not all curly hair styles require layers. Big, natural curls are perfect for medium-length hair with blunt cut ends. Her curly hair looks luxurious and thick without losing its shape.




Ginnifer Goodwin


ginnifer goodwin


Pixies may have been pegged a straight-haired girl’s hair style, but Ginnifer Goodwin’s natural hair texture adds unbelievable volume and style to her usually stick-straight style. A lightweight molding cream is the trick to keep short curls defined.




Vanessa Hudgens


vanessa hudgen


Long, tight twists are one of the most coveted curly hair styles, and Vanessa Hudgens rocks it like no other. Curly girls with ultra-thick tresses can take a tip from Vanessa and separate the hair with a deep side part to prevent the much-feared triangle effect.




Annalynne McCord


annalynne mccord


Annalynne McCord has some of the curliest hair around and still manages to pull off a style that’s more sophisticated and classic than boho and carefree. To get Annalynne’s refined, old-Hollywood curls, a small amount of sculpting gel and a wide-tooth comb are your best tools.




Sarah Jessica Parker


sarah jessica parker


SJP’s Sex and the City character, Carrie Bradshaw, is an icon to curly-haired girls everywhere. Carrie made it seem as though big, unruly hair was the only way to be chic. Her natural, laid-back look is the perfect juxtaposition to designer duds. The best part of this look is that it doesn’t require much: Smoothing mousse and attaching a diffuser to your blow dryer is the way to go.




Kate Hudson


kate hudson


Not all curly hair styles have the volume of a lion’s mane. Kate Hudson is the perfect example of naturally curly hair with a finer texture. If your curls aren’t as full and thick as the rest in our roundup, don’t worry: Limp curls are easily livened up with a texturizing spray.