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11 Female Celebrities Who Have Rocked A Buzz Cut

It can be daunting to chop off your locks in favor of a shorter cut, but these female celebrities are showing how glamorous a buzz cut can truly be.

Amandla Stenberg

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Amandla recently ditched her dark, voluminous locks for a short, blonde buzz cut, and she looks fabulous. It just goes to show that it's not the hair that makes Amandla, it's Amandla that makes the hair!

Photo: @amandlastenberg | Instagram

Kristen Stewart

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One day, Kristen Stewart was sporting a brunette style, and the next she was seriously rocking a platinum buzz cut. The look gives her striking features a chance to stand out even more, and we absolutely love it.

Photo: Allen Berezovsky | Getty

Amber Rose

3 / 11


Amber Rose has been rocking the bleached blonde, shaved head look for approximately 15 years now, but it still looks as fresh as ever. And while she mixes it up with fun wigs and accessories once in a while, we love her signature style.

Photo: @amberrose | Instagram

Charlize Theron

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While she originally shaved her head for her role in Mad Max: Fury Road, Charlize Theron told Ryan Seacrest after she made the bold move that it was "the most freeing thing," she had ever done.

Photo: Warner Bros. Pitures

Demi Moore

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In 1997, Demi Moore shaved her head for her role as Jordan O'Neill in G.I. Jane. 11 years later, Moore's daughter Tallulah Willis followed in her mother's footsteps and shaved her head, too!

Photo: Caravan Pictures

Jessie J

6 / 11


In 2013, Jessie J bravely shaved her head on live television for the charity event, Comic Relief. However, instead of growing her new 'do out immediately, the star kept it around for several months after.

Photo: @jessiej | Instagram

Natalie Portman

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Natalie Portman shaved her long brown tresses for the 2005 thriller, V for Vendetta when her character Evey Hammond was imprisoned, tortured, and forced to shave her head in an extremely emotional scene.

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

Rose McGowan

8 / 11


After sharing her shaved head experience with her Instagram followers, Rose McGowan went from short hair to even shorter, calling the act "liberating." And not only did it feel good, but she looked incredible, too!

Photo: @rosemcgowan | Instagram

India Arie

9 / 11


While India Arie is known for her song "I Am Not My Hair," and not being identified by her mane, there's no denying that the shaved head look really does look incredible on her.

Photo: @indiaarie | Instagram

Solange Knowles

10 / 11


After feeling fed up with shelling out tons of money on her long hair, Solange Knowles shaved her head in 2009. She told Oprah that she estimated she was spending "about $40,000 to $50,000" on her hair each year!

Photo: Jun Sato | Getty

Cate Blanchett

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While she is definitely remembered for shaving her head for her role in the 2002 film Heaven, Cate Blanchett used to buzz off her head when she was younger, so she wouldn't have to worry about styling it. She was obviously practicing for the role!

Photo: Hulton Archive | Getty Images

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