Charcoal Hair Is The Perfect Clap Back To The Unicorn Craze

by Hannah Marsh

Charcoal Hair Is The Perfect Clap Back To The Unicorn Craze

Step aside rainbow hair colors of the world, charcoal hair is here and having a serious moment.

Rainbow hair trend after rainbow hair trend can be a hoot, but what happens when you just need a break from the sparkles and mythical creatures (we’re looking at you mermaids and unicorns)? Of course the Internet has the solution, and of course it’s fabulous (in a dark way, of course). Say hello to charcoal hair.



Instagram has been blowing up with the ashy, chic trend as of late, and it’s everythig that confetti hair is not.

Seriously, though. How could you not be considered fierce with a look like this? The sultry color is a mixture of not-quite black, not-quite silver, and hints of blue that will let everyone within eyesight know your level of cool with just one glance.



To get this uber fab look on your own, you’re going to have to skip the drugstore colors and head to a stylist you trust. For the optimal color, many who switch to the ashy look should actually have their hair bleached and toned first as to ensure that there is no remaining orange hues left. All-out cool and ashy is the goal, people.



TBH, there are several ways to get the color. However, many Instagram colorists are crediting L.A. based colorist Guy Tang’s #mydentity hair dye for helping them attain the hue as easily as possible on their clients. Some colorists even mix it with a metallic silver dye to get a super dreamy result.

If you’re headed to the salon, be sure to take some Instas for your stylist to reference. It’ll make his/her job much easier if they’re used to the vibrant Starbucks-inspired colored tresses.

Take a look at some of our favorite takes of the trend, and check out the hashtag #charcoalhair on Instagram for more!