Christmas Tree Hair Is The Style We’ve Been Pining For All Season

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Christmas Tree Hair Is The Style We’ve Been Pining For All Season

Fir-get about putting curlers in your tresses this year. Christmas tree hair is the most festive look of the season!

Are all of this year's holiday looks a little too tame for you? Are you slightly worried about having a go-to conversation-starter at your office party? Or maybe you're just looking for the perfect hairstyle to complement your ugly sweater (and your winter wonderland eyelids!). Whatever your situation is, this year's latest holiday look will for sure help you branch out of your ordinary.

Enter: Christmas tree hair.

Feeling inspired to take on this steep challenge? According to Marie Claire, it doesn't take much. To get the festive pine tree-inspired 'do, gather your hair up into a triangular shape on top of your head (most use a water bottle or a foam cone to help!). Before you do anything else, be sure to hairspray your locks until they are ready to defy gravity for the rest of the day.

From here, decorate as you would a tree that isn't attached to your head. We're talking tinsel, garland, fairy lights, ornaments — the whole shebang! Some dye-hards (lol, get it?) are going all out with temporary green coloring to really bring it home.


@suavecitapomade got my Christmas tree hair just right! ☺️🎄 #ohchristmastree #christmastreehair

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People everywhere are trying out the festive fir look, so check out the hashtag #ChristmasTreeHair for even more inspiration! Cindy Lou Who would be so proud.