Color-Changing Hair Is Perfect For People Who Can’t Decide

by admin

Color-Changing Hair Is Perfect For People Who Can’t Decide

With this strategic hair dye technique, you can officially change your hair color within seconds!

Remember those double-sided swimsuits we all used to buy? Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. They were the kind where one side had stripes, and if you flipped it inside out the other side sported an entirely different floral pattern. Let's all agree that it was freaking awesome because you legitimately had two swimsuits in one that you could switch between depending on your mood. Well now, you can do the same with your hair, and it might just have those childhood swimsuits beat.

Through a strategic side-part, Redditor Moniquey has introduced us to color-changing hair that can switch between an office-ready color and a weekend-ready color in seconds — no magic wand required.

Get this look yourself by centering your part and dying each side of your hair a different color. When it's done as flawlessly as Moniquey's, you can easily alternate between styling it in a deep side-part on either side of your head, and in turn, switch between two, equally fabulous hair colors with a flip of your head!

Between pumpkin spice, Lisa Frank, and Phoenix tresses, this year has introduced us to a plethora of fun hair colors, and with this fabulous concept, we are forever grateful that now we don't have to choose.