Denim Hair Is Actually Cooler Than Any Pair Of Jeans You Own

by Bethany Lozier

Denim Hair Is Actually Cooler Than Any Pair Of Jeans You Own

You spend practically every day in your favorite pair of blue jeans, so why not let your head in on some denim-colored tresses?

Trends may come and go, but every good fashionista knows a good pair of denim blue jeans is style eternal. And while a sturdy pair of jeans is meant for your legs, undeniably cool blue denim hues are now just what your hair needs this season.






Not your average head of blue hair, right? Unlike highly-pigmented colors straight from the bottle, the denim hair trend mixes dark blue hues with hints of gray to create a perfect balayage of acid wash-esque tresses.



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Seriously, this trend will make you want to turn your locks as blue as your favorite pair of well-worn jeans. If you’re ready to commit to a denim-haired head, just be aware that the blue hue will fade over time—just like your beloved skinnies.



We’re pretty ready to slide into this tresses trend, we just have to pick our favorite pair of jeans for our stylist’s reference. Are you ready to embrace the blues.