Discover 100 Years of Hair History in Two Minutes

by admin

Discover 100 Years of Hair History in Two Minutes

Hairstyling has come a long way since the early 20th century, but it's easy to forget that some of today's hottest hairstyles started many years ago. This video takes us on a walk down memory lane.

The variety of 20th-century hairstyles tell as much of a story as any history book, except hair history can be covered in two minutes. This fun, animated video from The Atlantic illustrates 100 years of hair history from the 1900's Gibson girl to 2000's emo cut.

While we're glad some of these styles are in the past—*coughpageboycough*—this video reminded us that not all old hair ideas were bad ideas. For example, we'll take the Marcel Wave back any time now. Of course, some hairstyles will always be classic: the bobthe ponytail, and the pixie cut. But let's all agree that frosted tips aren't coming back any time soon.