DIY Your Wedding Day Hairstyle with this Braided Updo

by Ulrika Edler

DIY Your Wedding Day Hairstyle with this Braided Updo

Weddings are a DIY affair these days. So, if you’re making the centerpieces, the food, and the flowers yourself, why not add DIY wedding hair to your list? This romantic updo tutorial is easy enough for any hair beginner but looks pretty enough for walking down the aisle.


wedding braided updo



The wedding season is here, and not everyone wants to spend money on a hairstylist for her special day. This DIY wedding hair is perfect for the bride that wants a beautiful updo but needs to save a few bucks. It´s easy and doesn’t take too long, and you will look amazing!



wedding updo steps 1-2



1. Curl your hair. For a tight curl that will last, pin every curl up. Before releasing the curls, make sure they’ve cooled down and spray some light hairspray on them.


2. Make a side parting, and section off the front hair until just behind the ear. This will be braided later.



wedding updo steps 3-4




3. Gather the sides of the hair into the middle, and bobby-pin in place. Make sure you keep some volume on the crown.


4. Start pinning the curls up. Arrange them nicely, making sure they get nice, looped shapes.



wedding updo steps 5-6



5. Continue bobby-pinning the curls until all the hair is pinned up.



6. Release the front section.



wedding updo steps 7-8



7. Make a three-strand French braid starting from the side part. If you have a fringe, incorporate it into the braid. When you run out of hair to incorporate, continue braiding a normal three-strand braid. Gently pull on the sides of the braid to maximize volume.



8. Drape the braid around the pinned-up curls, and secure it with a bobby pin.



Add a hair accessory like flowers or a veil, if you’d like, or leave it as is. It’s your day!



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